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Tianjin Best Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. acquires the Chinese business and team of South Korea BISTel

Published :10/18/2021 9:56:01 AM

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Tianjin BISTel Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. announced that it has completed the acquisition of the business and team of BISTel China (hereinafter referred to as BISTel China), and has the ownership of the applications and core technologies independently developed by BISTel. The completion of the acquisition marks BISTel China becoming a purely Chinese-owned company. The Chinese name is Shenzhen Best Software Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen Best). This move realizes the independent development of key technologies for industrial control software in the field of China’s semiconductor intelligent manufacturing. control.

South Korea BISTel was established in 2000 and has been focusing on the application of semiconductor intelligent manufacturing systems and artificial intelligence technology in the field of semiconductor manufacturing for more than 20 years. BISTel China has been deeply involved in the Chinese market for several years. It has accumulated a large number of irreplaceable technologies and artificial intelligence solutions in the field of semiconductor intelligent manufacturing engineering automation software (Engineering Automation), and has many expert-level solutions. The talents, technology and team are highly recognized by the upstream and downstream of the semiconductor industry chain. BISTel China has maintained a long-term and good cooperative relationship with China’s flat panel display field, wafer fabs, and silicon wafer fabs. The localization work of its solutions and delivery teams has been continuously strengthened. The acquisition is achieved by the team in China. The final piece of the transformation has opened a new development milestone.

Li Shiyuan, general manager of Shenzhen BISTel, said, “The company’s predecessor, BISTel China, combined with world-class intelligent manufacturing technology, has long been committed to China’s localized R&D and services, and has contributed to the development and independent innovation of China’s semiconductor industry. Now, Shenzhen is better than Site becoming a Chinese-funded company will help Chinese semiconductor and flat panel display manufacturers to increase their confidence in long-term cooperation with us, and it will also help attract more global and local talents. We are very pleased to see that this acquisition has been obtained. Positive feedback and welcome from all Chinese customers, the company team and the entire industry."

Facing the future, Shenzhen Best is full of confidence in the development prospects of China's semiconductor industry. China has formed a national consensus on the key role and strategic value of the semiconductor industry chain as a digital base. China will continue to invest in and expand the construction of semiconductor production lines for a long time. The smooth mass production and continuous operation of semiconductor production lines are inseparable from advanced equipment and advanced control software. And expert talents. Shenzhen Best's intelligent manufacturing control software can help Chinese companies upgrade their huge investment in semiconductor equipment to intelligent equipment, ease the bottleneck of the long-term shortage of expert talents on the semiconductor production line through automation, and greatly improve the production yield and yield rate of semiconductor production lines. Use efficiency. Shenzhen Best will continue to cultivate in the field of intelligent manufacturing and engineering automation, and work with partners to make more contributions.