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The world's first 6nm 5G chip, Unigroup Zhanruihuben T7520, will be available 3 months ahead of schedule.

Published :4/12/2021 10:10:03 AM

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According to news on April 11, Unisplendour 5G chip Tiger Ben T7520 has already returned to FullMask in the first quarter of 2021, and will be listed three months earlier than planned. The previously released Unisplendour's first 5G package T7510 will be sold for half a year. Breaking one million sets, the number of commercial terminal products has exceeded 50.


It is reported that the Tiger Ben T7520 is a 5GSoC processor developed by Ziguang Zhanrui based on the 5G platform Makalu 2.0. It is the world's first 6nm EUV process and has the blessing of multi-layer extreme ultraviolet lithography technology. The process light source wavelength is shortened to 13.5nm. Huben T7520 integrates eight CPU cores, including 4 ArmCortex-A76 cores, 4 ArmCortex-A55 cores and ArmMali-G57GPU. The performance is expected to be the same as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 series.

In addition, the new generation of Huben chip is also known as "the world's first full-scene coverage enhanced 5G baseband", supporting NSA/SA dual-module network, 5GNRTDD+FDD carrier aggregation, uplink and downlink decoupling, super uplink, etc., to achieve Sub-6GHz 5G network Full scene coverage.

At the same time, with a new generation of low-power design architecture, AI-based intelligent adjustment technology, combined with SoC multi-mode fusion, and 6nm EUV unification, it is overall better than the external 5G solution in terms of energy efficiency. It is understood that last year there was news from the supply chain that the flagship smartphone equipped with Unigroup Zhanrui's second-generation 5GSoC mobile chip Huben T7520 will be launched in early 2021, but there is no news yet.