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The price of NAND flash memory has bottomed out? Group Alliance: May revenue may be better

Published :5/9/2019 2:49:30 AM

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According to research by DRAMeXchange, a global market research organization, NAND flash memory prices have fallen for six consecutive quarters. This year, the NAND Flash industry has been oversupply. SSD vendors have hit the price war and caused PC OEMs to use SSD prices, 512GB. The price of /1TB is expected to create a record low at the end of the year.


Will NAND flash prices continue to fall like this? Upstream manufacturers are obviously not willing to do so. The SSD master group said that NAND manufacturers have reduced production, market demand will return to temperature, and there will be Taipei Computer Show in May, which will help revenue.


The group company announced its revenue report for April today. The consolidated revenue for the month was NT$3.084 billion, down 5.8% from the previous month and down 12.3% year-on-year. The consolidated revenue in January-April also fell 3% to 12.43 billion. New Taiwan dollars, and the main reason for the decline in Group's revenue in April was the decline in NAND flash memory.


However, during the decline in the average price of NAND flash ASP, the total number of shipments was still growing significantly. Compared with the same period of last year, the total shipments of SSD and eMMC increased by about 40% in April. DRAM memory module Shipments also increased by 65%, and total bit capacity increased by 106%, indicating that market demand is still increasing.