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The outbreak of an epidemic in the expansion project of Intel's fab in Ireland may affect the construction progress.

Published :4/27/2021 3:04:50 AM

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News on April 27 A few days ago, according to foreign media reports, Intel’s construction of a 7nm wafer fab near Leixlip in Ireland was recently affected by the new crown virus. About 70 of the 5,000 workers in the factory were infected.


It is reported that Intel and the Irish Ministry of Health are monitoring the situation, and there is currently no plan to stop construction. Intel said that it is currently difficult to determine how much the epidemic has affected the construction progress. Work such as the installation of EUV lithography machines needs to be completed by a contractor. If it cannot be completed on time, Intel and its partners will need to reschedule their schedules, and at the same time have to find storage warehouses for equipment that cannot be installed on time, all of which increase Intel’s construction Time and cost.

It is understood that this multi-billion-dollar expansion project started in 2019. The Leixlip project, located about 10 miles west of Dublin city centre, Ireland, currently has about 5,000 contractors involved in the construction. This project is very important for both Intel and Ireland.

An Intel spokesperson said that for all confirmed cases, contacts will be closely traced, and any related staff who may come into contact are required to self-isolate and monitor their health. At present, all personnel on the construction site are undergoing further testing, including any affected areas, as well as deep cleaning and disinfection. The spokesperson said that Intel will strictly abide by the regulations of the Irish public health authorities.

Relevant organizations severely criticized Intel's decision not to stop construction, calling the incident a large-scale outbreak, and saying that there have been more than 150 cases of infection. The organization requested that construction be stopped and comprehensive testing should be carried out. But the local health and safety bureau has not ordered the country's largest development project to be stopped.

The report further pointed out that the current Intel project has not completely stopped, and plans to reopen all areas on May 4.