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Texas Instruments has introduced an integrated device TMP411 with an accuracy of +/-1 °C

Published :3/27/2019 4:43:09 PM

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Texas Instruments (TI) today announced the introduction of a remote junction temperature sensor with an accuracy of +/-1 °C integrated with a local temperature sensor - TMP411 for monitoring CPU, microprocessor, graphics processing unit With thermal diodes in the FPGA. The device is unique in that it not only has programmable series resistance cancellation and diode non-ideality correction, but also simplifies and eliminates the independent processor resistance calibration process common in remote diode monitoring, saving time.

The TMP411 provides thermal system management for a wide range of applications such as industrial controllers, servers, desktops, notebooks and medical devices. Other applications include central office telecom equipment, LCD/DLP/LCOS projectors, storage area networks, and processor/FPGA temperature monitoring.

The TMP411 features programmable over-temperature and under-temperature thresholds as well as an alarm pin that responds instantly to potentially hazardous thermal environments. Therefore, it prevents system damage and ensures that the system continues to operate with minimal interference, and its programmable non-ideality factor correction can be used for diode non-ideality factors associated with any processor.

The TMP411 not only operates on a standard I2C/SMBus compatible two-wire interface, but also provides 9 to 12-bit resolution over the -40°C to 125°C temperature range and up to 150°C over the remote temperature range. To reduce power consumption, the TMP411 can also be placed in sleep mode, reducing current consumption to 10uA.