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Teledyne e2v Semiconductor and Safran Electronics & Defense jointly obtained assistance from the French government to develop a roadmap for system packaging.

Published :6/19/2021 8:42:47 AM

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Teledyne e2v Semiconductor (Grenoble) and Safran Electronics and Defense (Valence) are currently launching the CORAIL SiP (System-in-Package) project with the assistance of the French government. The CORAIL SiP project aims to accelerate investment to promote the development of the new system integration electronics industry in France.

This cooperative project demonstrates a common desire to position itself as a leader in system packaging capabilities in order to successfully transform factories and establish local supply chains. The two companies complement each other and will adopt different technologies to develop solutions for system integration according to the specific needs of different markets.

The CORAIL SiP project will obtain a total of 7.5 million euros for the entire consortium. This includes a 2.5 million euro donation from the French recovery plan. This program provides support for the promotion of innovation in France and the development of qualification certification related to advanced SiP manufacturing. This cooperative project will start in the summer of 2021 and end in 2024. It will accelerate the development of Teledyne e2v Semiconductor's new SiP products in the aerospace and defense markets and expand SiP services to the entire European industry.

The global development of SIPs is a natural evolution of microelectronics technology. However, most of the suppliers are located in Asia and cannot meet the needs of the small and medium-volume markets. The CORAIL SiP project will enable both parties to meet this demand for European SiP.

In order to adapt to the new SiP assembly capacity, part of the assistance funds provided for the project was allocated to the upgrade of the semiconductor assembly and test clean room at the Teledyne e2v semiconductor factory near Grenoble.