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Sudden power outage at TSMC's factory: or damage to 30,000 wafers, an estimated loss of 230 million yuan.

Published :4/15/2021 10:10:38 AM

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According to news on April 15th, it was reported that yesterday morning, the TSMC Nanke Fab14P7 plant suddenly went out of power. It is estimated that 30,000 wafers will be affected, and the loss will be less than NT$1 billion (about 230 million yuan). The plant mainly produces electronic chips for automobiles, and this accident is undoubtedly worse for the chip shortage problem that needs to be solved in the near future.

TSMC stated that the cause of the power outage was a cable failure in Nanke's ultra-high voltage substation. At present, the diesel generator has been used to restore power and it has cooperated with Taipower to restore normal power supply.


According to reports, around 11:06 in the morning, the 161kV underground cable of the electric power supplier Taipower was accidentally damaged when the Sanfu Gas adjacent to the Nanke plant was engaged in the construction of the new plant. , Resulting in the tripping of Nanke-Sanfu Line, which caused a power outage.

Nanke's Fab14P7 plant mainly produces 12-inch wafers and is one of TSMC’s important bases for 40nm and 45nm process production.

As for whether all will be scrapped, TSMC needs to wait for further evaluation. The number of scrap wafers depends on the process conditions at the time. Some of them should be rescued. In addition, TSMC has insurance, and the actual loss should be further reduced.

In response to this, TSMC issued a statement: “TSMC’s wafer 14 P7 plant today caused a power outage in the plant due to abnormal cables at the Nanke ultra-high voltage substation. The colleagues in the plant have no safety concerns and no personnel have been evacuated. Currently, diesel generators have been used for recovery. Power and Taipower will cooperate with Taipower to restore normal power supply. The actual impact will be clarified after normal power supply is restored.

UMC Nanke's 12-inch plant was also affected by the pressure drop, but UMC said that the plant area responded immediately and did not cause any impact on production and operation. In addition, Innolux, HannStar, Corning, and Nanmao all experienced pressure drop problems.

And this is not the first time that TSMC has experienced abnormal power equipment problems. On the morning of March 31 this year, a fire accident occurred at the 12B plant of TSMC’s Hsinchu headquarters at 9 am, which triggered a fire, and the company immediately evacuated its employees.

The fire alarm was suspected to be caused by the outsourcer’s maintenance of the substation equipment of the P6 plant in the morning. Suddenly, the fire-fighting equipment started to extinguish the fire with carbon dioxide when the outsourcer was performing maintenance on the substation equipment of the P6 plant. No other casualties were caused.

Although there was smoke and evacuated employees in the factory after the fire broke out, the employees have returned to their posts after confirming that there is no danger, and the overall TSMC production line operation has not been affected.

TSMC’s response note mentioned that “The substation of TSMC’s wafer 12B plant activated a CO2 (carbon dioxide) fire extinguishing system this (31) morning due to abnormal components, which caused an outsourced employee to inhale excessive carbon dioxide. The ambulance was in the first place. He was sent to the hospital in time and notified his family members. At present, the person has a clear consciousness and is now staying in the hospital for observation."

In fact, TSMC’s power problem has always existed. TSMC founder Zhang Zhongmou has emphasized the power problem several times. He once said that the impact of power outages on TSMC is "almost impossible to estimate."

Under TSMC’s heavy use of electrical power, TSMC has also taken many actions, such as contracting wind farms, cooperating with equipment suppliers to develop "green machines", and even TSMC has proposed a plan to build its own power plant, but it has not won. by.

The high probability of a power outage in the TSMC power plant area will have a certain impact on chip production. Considering that the chip factories of Samsung, NXP, Infineon, etc., located in Austin, Texas, USA have also been shut down due to a snowstorm, the chip supply situation this year is not optimistic.