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Storage market, Intel's next goal !

Published :10/28/2019 1:35:34 AM

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Although Intel and micron continue to work together to develop 3D NAND flash memory semiconductor technology, today, Intel and micron's technology development direction has been significantly different.Micron acquired IM Flash, which was developed in 3D NAND in collaboration with Intel.Intel is going the other way.

As a result, Intel and micron broke off their "contract manufacturing" relationship. Instead of manufacturing memory semiconductors, Intel switched from a 300mm fab.11 at 45/32nm in Rio Rancho, Mexico, to a plant that plans to start shipping 133/144 layers of cutting-edge 3D NAND memory semiconductors by 2020.Intel is still focused on their Fab!

On the Intel side, through the flexible use of its 3D Xpoint technology (Optane Memory), Storage Class Memory (SCM) is configured in the front segment of SSD in the Memory Storage field of the Data Center that increases in series, so as to realize the faster reading speed of applications with higher degree of reading and writing (Storage).

Intel has announced that "we are going to move our core business from traditional PCS to data centers," not just 3D NAND, but an API to provide development environments across cpus, gpus, fpgas, and AI processors.

At first glance, Intel seems to have an ambitious strategic plan, and I'll continue to watch it closely.Intel is indeed a great semiconductor company, once a decision is made to implement a business, it will be thoroughly through.The arrival of GAFA (Google, apple, facebook, amazon) and others has changed the face of the semiconductor industry in a way that is essential for Intel and others to stay relevant in the industry.Intel is changing its pc-centric strategy. Can it really make the transition?