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Stmicroelectronics has launched the industry's first 4Mbit EEPROM memory chip, allowing smaller devices to handle more user data

Published :11/28/2019 1:21:53 AM

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  • The industry's first 4Mbit EEPROM in a small, low-cost 8-pin package

  • Improved data storage capacity enables smart devices to have more functions and higher accuracy

  • Stmicroelectronics is the world's largest manufacturer of serial EEPROM memory, which is widely used

STMicroelectronics, the world's leading semiconductor supplier across multiple electronic applications, has unveiled a new generation of memory chips that combine unprecedented storage capacity with read-write speed and reliability, enabling the devices we use every day to do more and enrich our lives and work

Stmicroelectronics' new 4Mbit EEPROM allows smaller devices to capture more data and store it in memory via a serial SPI bus.With the memory, meters like smart meters can increase the amount of data recorded, thus managing energy networks more efficiently and providing more user-friendly billing.Portable medical devices can record patient data more intensively and improve the quality of medical care;Consumer products such as smart wearable devices can support more user functions and higher precision;In these applications, the low-power characteristics of memory also help extend battery life.High-capacity memory can also benefit a variety of industrial control and communications infrastructure applications, such as network switches

Benoit Rodrigues, general manager of stmicroelectronics memory, said: "ST is recognized as the world's largest manufacturer of serial EEPROM chips, which are widely used in consumer, industrial and automotive related equipment systems, and we will continue to drive technological innovation.The first 4Mbit EEPROM device on the market was produced using our own CMOS technology, currently the most advanced 110nm EEPROM process in the industry.

Stmicroelectronics' M95M04 EEPROM memory combines unprecedented storage capacity and superior energy efficiency for budget-constrained applications, expanding stmicroelectronics' family of memory products known for its highly reliable and durable 1 billion full memory read-write cycles.The new product is able to write 512 bytes in 5ms, enabling fast system operation with low latency.

Detailed technical information

The M95M04 EEPROM features high capacity non-volatile storage for data that needs to be persisted, such as application code, precision calibration tables, and user parameters, as well as intensive data recording.

The EEPROM memory with the highest storage capacity on the market is packaged in small 8-pin SO8N and TSSOP8, which is more cost effective than competing products, such as EEPROM emulation memory with integrated microcontroller and flash, ferroelectric FRAM and magnetic resistance MRAM.Compared with CMOS EEPROM, these memories have high power consumption and narrow power supply voltage range

The advantages of the M95M04 EEPROM include a wide power supply voltage of 1.8v to 5.5v and a data storage life of 40 years