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STMicroelectronics and Metalenz collaborate on pioneering consumer, automotive and industrial optical sensors

Published :6/16/2021 10:23:56 AM

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• Technical cooperation agreements include manufacturing process development, industrialization of ultra-surface optical technology and technology licensing

• Groundbreaking flat lens technology brings performance, power consumption, size and cost advantages to complex optical systems

STMicroelectronics, a global semiconductor leader serving multiple electronic applications, and Metaenz, a pioneer in the design and commercialization of ultra-surface technology, jointly announced a technology cooperation development and licensing agreement. Optical technology develops and manufactures processes to produce next-generation optical sensors used in smartphones, consumer electronics, medical and automobiles. Metalenz is a company spun off from the research group of Professor Federico Capasso of Harvard University, the inventor of the technology. This breakthrough technology is expected to be ready for mass production before the end of the year.


Metalenz’s multi-functional metasurface optics allow the next generation of consumer electronics such as smartphones, medical equipment, and automotive systems to use new optical sensors. For example, cameras based on this new flat lens technology can collect more light and improve image quality. Brightness, and produces images that are comparable to traditional refractive lenses, or even better, with lower power consumption and smaller size.

STMicroelectronics integrates Metalenz's super-surface optics technology into the existing diffractive optical element manufacturing process of the Crolles 300mm fab in France, giving full play to its leading advantage in the rapidly growing near-infrared (NIR) optical sensor market. Today, STMicroelectronics is the market leader in ToF proximity detection and ranging sensors, with shipments exceeding 1 billion.

Eric Aussedat, Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Imaging Business Unit of STMicroelectronics, said: "With its advantages in power consumption, energy efficiency and performance, multifunctional optical technology may change the next generation of optical sensors used in consumer electronics such as smartphones, as well as medical and automotive applications. The rules of the game. By integrating Metalenz’s advanced technology with our proprietary technology, processing chips on the most advanced 300mm manufacturing equipment at the Crolles factory, this partnership will help ST continue to provide customers with innovative advanced optical transmission Sense of solutions."

Dr. Rob Devlin, CEO and co-founder of Metalenz, said: "We are very pleased to work with industry leaders like ST. The optical technology developed by Metalenz complements ST's advanced manufacturing capabilities and market position. Yuanchang business model, so that we can focus on innovation and design pioneering optical technology, revolutionizing smart phones and car gauge optical sensors. Cooperation with ST allows us to expand the product range while taking full advantage of ST’s large-scale production capacity, The application of Metalenz technology in ST products allows ST's product differentiation to reach new heights."

About STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics has 46,000 creators and innovators of semiconductor technology, mastering the semiconductor supply chain and the most advanced manufacturing equipment. As an independent semiconductor equipment manufacturer, STMicroelectronics has worked with more than 100,000 customers and thousands of partners to develop products and solutions, and jointly build an ecosystem to help them better deal with various challenges and new opportunities and satisfy the world Higher demand for sustainable development. ST's technology makes people's travel smarter, power and energy management more efficient, and the Internet of Things and 5G technologies are more widely used.

About Metalenz

Established in 2016, Metalenz is the first ultra-optical commercial company. Its ultra-surface technology can provide complex and multi-functional optical performance on a semiconductor layer, and can move the mass production activities of optical devices to semiconductor manufacturing plants, like Manufacturing optical lenses is the same as manufacturing computer chips. As a fabless semiconductor company, Metalenz is committed to ultra-optical design and innovative applications, revolutionizing consumer electronics, medical and automotive applications sensing technology. The company has exclusive global license rights to the basic intellectual property portfolio related to metasurfaces developed by the Capasso Laboratory of Harvard University, and has more than 20 technological innovation patents that can simplify and improve optical devices and cover multiple markets.