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SK hynix announced the development of a third-generation 1Znm memory chip

Published :10/23/2019 1:45:40 AM

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SK hynix today announced the development of the 3rd generation 1Z nanometer DDR4 DRAM, which is said to achieve the maximum capacity of 16Gb per chip standard in the industry, and the largest storage capacity in the existing DRAM.

Compared with the previous generation of 1Y products, this product has a productivity increase of about 27% and has a competitive cost advantage because it can be produced without the use of the ultra-high-priced EUV (ultra ultraviolet lithography) exposure process.

The new 1Z nanometer DRAM supports data transfer rates of up to 3,200 Mbps, which is said to be the highest speed in the DDR4 specification.In terms of power consumption, compared with the same capacity module based on the second generation 8Gb product, the power consumption is reduced by about 40%.

The third generation of products used in the previous generation process never use of new materials, operating a DRAM key elements of the electrostatic maximize capacity (Capacitance).In addition, a new design technology is introduced to improve the stability of motion.

Next, SK hynix plans to expand the third-generation 10-nanometer micro-engineering technology to a variety of applications, including the next generation mobile DRAM LPDDR5 and the most advanced DRAM HBM3.

Li tingxun, head of the DRAM 1Z development unit, said the chip is scheduled to be mass-produced by the end of this year and will be available from next year.