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Shenzhen Konka A:Micro LED chips have been trial-produced in small batches, and the time for mass production is still to be determined.

Published :9/25/2021 6:27:32 AM

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Shenzhen Konka A stated in an institutional survey that the company's semiconductor business has been deployed in the fields of optoelectronics and storage. Among them, the optoelectronic field is currently mainly engaged in the development and trial production of Micro LED and Mini LED related products; the storage field is mainly engaged in the design and sales of storage main control chips, as well as the packaging, testing and sales of storage products.


At present, the hybrid mass transfer technology developed by Shenzhen Konka A has been greatly improved in terms of transfer efficiency and yield. At present, the company's MicroLED chips have completed small batch trial production, and the mass production time will be determined according to the development progress of related technologies and the development progress of terminal products.

According to Shenkangjia A, the Internet business is mainly engaged in cross-screen and cross-scenario entertainment system services, providing a series of content and application services for multi-scenario and cross-screen terminals such as smart TVs, mainly in three aspects: first, cooperation with other Internet companies. Gain benefits by providing users with content services including video, education, music, medical treatment, games, etc.; secondly, provide part of the public welfare and interactive services based on the analysis of user behavior data, enhance user stickiness, spread the brand, and increase hardware sales opportunities; The last step is to gradually build a platform for tens of millions of users, and gain revenue through advertising and distribution of applications.

Internet business is the key to Shenzhen Konka A's implementation of the Internet transformation and upgrading to the development model of "hardware + software" and "terminal + user".

In addition, the company's new consumer electronics business mainly includes multimedia business, white goods business, smart terminal business, Internet business and Internet of Things business.