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Shanghai Zhaoxin: The company's CPU processors have achieved large-scale applications.

Published :12/18/2020 6:26:46 AM

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From 17th to 18th, the 2020 China (Shanghai) Integrated Circuit Innovation Summit with the theme of "reliance and self-reliance, nurturing new opportunities in crisis" was officially held in the Shanghai Science Hall. Shen Weiguo, Chairman of Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund, said in his speech that, as a key town for the development of the country's integrated circuit industry, Shanghai has the most complete industrial chain in China and is also the region with the highest comprehensive level, gathering about 40% of the talents in the national industry. .

Shanghai Zhaoxin Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd. also attended the meeting as a member of the important town. Zhaoxin’s deputy general manager Wang Weilin first pointed out that domestic processors started late and faced many problems covering performance, power consumption, and services in the early days, and they were basically unavailable. As a result, domestic processors have long relied on imports and accounted for more than 46% of total integrated circuit imports last year.


However, foreign products may have loopholes or backdoors, which may threaten national information security. At the same time, the United States has tightened control measures on China's technology industry, and the erected technology barriers are urgently requiring domestic memory companies to continue to invest and innovate to ensure the information and security of the industry and the country.

Wang Weilin pointed out that at present, the demand for data processing is growing rapidly, the shipment of mobile processors is still huge, the demand for traditional PCs continues to be stable, and the domestic demand for new infrastructure is strong, and the Xinchuang market has a large replacement space, which provides opportunities for local memory manufacturers. .

Take Zhaoxin as an example. With its own efforts and government support, the company's CPU has reached full availability. So far, it has achieved large-scale applications and expanded from the dedicated field to the open market, and its business has expanded to overseas markets.

Wang Weilin said that in the field of processor chip design, it can be said that if you do not advance or retreat, only continuous innovation can survive. In the future, Zhaoxin will also continue to advance the goal of advanced technology and independent control.