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Recently, the price of these materials for thermometers is not stable, especially for sensor types.!

Published :3/3/2020 3:35:26 AM

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With the outbreak of the new coronavirus, the demand for infrared thermometers has exploded around the world.The core component of the product is the infrared temperature sensor

Infrared sensors will be seriously out of stock and prices will rise sharply.Next, Let's introduce some common infrared temperature sensors.



The Thermometrics ZTP-148SR infrared (IR) sensor consists of a thermal element, a flat infrared filter, and a temperature-compensated thermistor, all in a sealed TO-46 (18) sensor package. There are a variety of filters available to maximize performance in specific applications. Thermopile infrared sensor for non-contact surface or infrared temperature measurement


• compact design

• high sensitivity

• fast response time

• contains ambient temperature (thermistor) sensors

• The cost is low

The product application

• ear thermometer

• forehead thermometer

• body surface temperature measurement

MLX90614ESF-DCI ,MLX90640


MLX90640 is a new infrared (IR) sensor from Melexis that provides a cost-effective alternative to more expensive high-end thermal imagers.The 32x24 pixel sensor is suitable for a variety of safety and convenience applications and operates at temperatures ranging from -40°C to 85°C, with measurable object temperatures ranging from -40°C to 300°C.The infrared sensor maintains a high precision level throughout the measurement range, providing a temperature accuracy of ±1°C for a typical target object.This new infrared (IR) sensor can be easily integrated into the intelligent air conditioning system and can be used in the project

Features and Benefits

 Small size, low cost 32×24 pixels IR array

· Easy to integrate

· Industry standard four lead TO39 packag

· Factory calibrated

·1'C compatible digital interface

· Programmable frame rate 0,5Hz..32Hz

·3V supply voltage

 2 FOV options-55×35°and 110°×75°

· Operating temperature-40℃÷85℃

· Target temperature-40℃÷300℃

· Complies with RoHS regulations

.Application Examples

· Temperature sensing in residential, industrial and commercial air conditioning

· Home appliances with temperature control· Thermal Comfort sensor in automotive Air Conditioning control systems

· Passenger detection and classification

· Microwave ovens Industrial temperature control

· ldentifying thermal leaks in homes

· Security/safety gates

· Presence detection/Person localization

Here are some of the more sensors:

HMS K1C1 F5.5