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Panasonic will supply new batteries for Tesla: charging speed is expected to increase.

Published :11/4/2020 6:59:12 AM

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According to reports, Panasonic will produce new batteries for Tesla at its Gigafactory in Nevada. The new batteries will support faster charging speeds.

Earlier this year, Panasonic announced that it would invest an additional US$100 million in the Nevada Gigafactory, which is a joint venture between Panasonic and Tesla to produce battery cells for Tesla. As part of this investment, Panasonic stated that it will increase the density of batteries produced by the Nevada Gigafactory by 5% and the total output by 10%.

Now more news about the new battery came out of the factory.


Celina Mikolajczak previously worked at Tesla as a battery expert for a long time, and now she is the vice president of battery technology at Panasonic Energy North America. Mikrazka gave a speech at the Stanford StorageX International Symposium and revealed more information about batteries. She said that Panasonic is currently transforming the production line of the Nevada Super Factory to prepare for the production of new battery cells. She revealed that the new battery has not only increased the energy density by 5%, but also has "excellent fast charging performance."

Mikrazka said: "Currently we are transforming the production line to increase energy density. This is an excellent new battery cell that will soon be ready for production. It has excellent fast charging performance and increased energy density. It’s really exciting."

This means that the charging speed of Tesla vehicles in the future will be further improved, and faster charging speeds will undoubtedly increase the satisfaction of car owners. The energy density increase by 5% means that the vehicle's cruising range will also be further improved. Faster charging speed and longer cruising range alleviate the mileage anxiety of electric vehicle owners to a certain extent, and help more consumers to abandon fuel vehicles and switch to electric vehicles. Unfortunately, Mikrazka did not specify how much the charging speed of the vehicle can be increased after using the new battery.

Mikrazka also did not disclose in detail when Panasonic will start supplying new battery cells to Tesla, but it is speculated that the new battery may have begun to be supplied to Tesla, or it may be submitted soon. To Tesla.

The battery cells produced by the Nevada Gigafactory are used in Tesla's Model 3 and Model Y models. Recently, the performance of these two cars has been improved, and the range of the vehicle has increased. This can not help but make people wonder whether Tesla has used new batteries in these vehicles.

However, this speculation has not been officially confirmed, and there is no test report that the charging speed of Model 3 and Model Y has increased.

At present, the maximum charging power of Model 3 and Model Y has reached 250 kW, but this charging speed cannot be maintained for too long. After a certain period of use, the charging speed will decrease.