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NXP & Microsoft: Developing the Azure Sphere IoT Processor & Going to Sample in the Fourth Quarter of 2020

Published :6/13/2019 10:08:26 AM

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NXP Semiconductors (NXP) has just announced the latest collaboration with Microsoft to provide certified cross-border application processors for Microsoft Azure Sphere. As a series of extensions to its i.MX8 high-performance application processor, this collaboration will provide edge nodes with a secure, ultra-efficient, intelligent embedded processor that seamlessly runs the Azure Sphere security platform while supporting multi-core heterogeneous computing and rich Graphical experience, as well as low-power audio processing.

It is reported that Azure Sphere is designed to be a secure connection platform for networked devices. The certified processor runs Azure Sphere OS and includes the Microsoft Pluton security subsystem

It protects the security between each Azure Sphere appliance and the cloud by updating security, identifying emerging threats, trusted agents, and connecting to Azure Sphere Security Services.

The two companies' dedicated engineering teams will work together to create this new solution, including the single-core and dual-core versions of the energy-efficient Cortex-A35 core, the Cortex-M33 core with independent real-time domain, and the high performance of audio and video processing. HiFi4 DSP core.

All of this is to meet the edge application needs of the fast-growing industrial Internet of Things. The processor will be fabricated in a fully depleted silicon-on-insulator (FD-SOI) process and utilize a heterogeneous processor architecture with independent power domains.

Given the continuous design of the i.MX 8 application processor, which covers the in-vehicle infotainment, streaming, general-purpose consumer, and industrial markets, this new application processor will greatly integrate the advantages of both companies.

It is reported that NXP is the industry leader in secure connectivity solutions, and Microsoft has a wealth of expertise and skills in cloud, security, and software, so both parties are expected to eventually create new devices with inherent security advantages.

Microsoft has provided Azure Sphere solutions with more than a decade of operating system and security update buffs to ensure timely security for the latest threats.

Joe Yu, vice president of NXP's low-power application processor product line, said: "Working with Microsoft means that we are taking another step toward continuing to provide our customers with complete security solutions.

With Azure Sphere-certified application processors, customers can leverage the energy-saving and versatile features of the i.MX 8 Series to build the edge products they need, and enjoy the security services provided by Azure Sphere by understanding the on-site protection of their products. .

It is reported that the Azure Sphere IoT processor developed by Microsoft and NXP is expected to start sampling in the fourth quarter of 2020.