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Micron's fourth-generation 3D NAND chip will continue to use CMOS array in mass production

Published :11/19/2019 2:28:53 AM

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With the advent of the era of Internet of things, the storage industry has also ushered in a wave of new development opportunities. Recently, according to the latest news, the us storage giant, meguiar's fourth-generation 3D NAND chip has completed the first batch of flow, and the new generation of products based on meguiar's new research and development of alternative grid architecture, will start small mass production next year

According to a person familiar with the matter, meguiar's new alternative gate architecture will be used for the first time in 128-layer flash memory, continuing with CMOS array. The new generation of alternative gate structure is expected to further reduce the size and cost of Die

The CEO of micron group said that it has successfully completed the first stream of 3D NAND chips with alternative grid architecture. This milestone reduces the risk of the transition from product technology to the next generation technology, and emphasizes that the first generation of alternative grid architecture will be applied to 128-layer NAND products, and will be applied to specific product lines in the first place.