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MediaTek pays close attention to the impact of Huawei's ban on shipments. Tesla's stock price soared to $1,800.

Published :8/19/2020 4:13:32 AM

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On August 18, MediaTek issued a renewal in the intraday market, stating that it is paying close attention to changes in U.S. export control rules. According to existing information, it has no significant impact on the company's short-term operations.

The United States originally estimated that Huawei will contribute 24% and 35% of MediaTek’s 5G chip shipments this year and next year. After the United States expanded its containment on Huawei, it has reduced Huawei’s 5G chip shipments this year to 7 million and 8 million units, which may return to zero next year. Considering MediaTek's product portfolio and cost structure advantages, 5G market share is expected to account for 30%. According to market evaluation, in the second half of this year, MediaTek’s 4G chips accounted for 50% to 54% of Huawei mobile phones, while Huawei’s 5G phones accounted for about 60% to 63%. In the second half of the year, MediaTek’s chips accounted for about 55% to 58% of Huawei mobile phones. between.

Tesla shares soared to $1,800.

On August 18, according to the latest report from the American Yahoo website, Tesla’s stock price rose 11% on Monday, breaking the $1,800 mark for the first time, soaring nearly 30% in just four days, and its market value rose to $342 billion, exceeding the current price. P&G ranks tenth in the S&P 500 Index.

Tesla rose 11.2% on Monday to close at $1,835.64 per share, and the highest intraday price was $1,845.86. Many analysts revised their investment recommendations and target prices for Tesla. A Webbush analyst Danlves is optimistic about China's demand. There are signs of acceleration, coupled with the upcoming battery day, this wave of rally may have just begun. Danlves raised Tesla’s target price from US$1,800 to US$1,900, and maintained the target price in the bull market scenario at US$2500. He said: “The penetration rate of electric vehicles will increase significantly in the next 12 to 18 months. In the bull market scenario , China’s growth theme is worth at least $400 per share for Tesla.