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Maxim Integrated released the industry's first lithium-ion battery fuel gauge that can continuously monitor self-discharge and provide protection.

Published :11/24/2020 3:22:36 AM

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The MAX173202-4 series lithium-ion battery fuel gauge IC is the industry's first fuel gauge IC that can monitor self-discharge during operation. Its highest accuracy and lowest quiescent current can greatly extend battery life.

Beijing, China—November 19, 2020—MaximIntegrated Products, Inc (NASDAQ: MXIM) announced the launch of the MAX17320 high-precision battery fuel gauge and protection circuit, which effectively extends the operating time of multi-cell battery-powered products and monitors battery self-discharge to avoid Its potential problems. MAX17320 is a fuel gauge and protection IC for the battery side. It supports 2 to 4 series lithium-ion (Li+) batteries (2S-4S). It is a new device with MaximIntegrated's patented ModelGauge™m5EZ algorithm series IC. Compared with competing products, this IC improves the accuracy of the state of charge (SOC) reading by 40%, and is suitable for most Li+ battery-powered products without the need for battery characterization. The fuel gauge also has the industry's lowest quiescent current (IQ), which is 80% lower than the closest competitor; and has SHA-256 safety certification to ensure that the system is not damaged by counterfeit batteries.


In applications such as computing, Internet of Things (IoT), power tools, consumer, healthcare and mobile terminals, for handheld devices powered by 2 to 4 Li+ batteries, user safety is the primary consideration for designers. A defective or damaged battery may have internal battery leakage. As this situation gradually deteriorates, it may cause serious accidents such as fire and explosion. It directly endangers the safety of consumers, and of course it also damages the brand benefits of manufacturers. Strict factory screening can effectively prevent leaking batteries from flowing from the factory to the society. But so far, there is no solution to detect the self-discharge of the battery during normal use. MAX17320 fills up this vacancy and can send an alarm to the system in time to shut down the leaking battery before a dangerous hazard occurs. In addition, this IC has the most advanced battery protection function, which can fine-tune the voltage and current thresholds according to different temperature regions. The IC also provides secondary protection. Under severe fault conditions, the battery can be permanently disconnected by assisting the secondary protector or blowing the fuse.

As with all mobile devices, one of the manufacturers' goals is to develop products with longer battery life. Battery-powered equipment requires more accurate SOC information to accurately estimate the remaining operating time. As one of the ICs with ModelGaugem5 algorithm series, MAX17320 can provide the industry's most accurate SOC, allowing designers to achieve the longest system running time and avoid premature or sudden system shutdown. MAX17320 can work in ultra-low power consumption mode, supporting the system to read SOC information immediately upon wake-up; there is no need to disconnect the battery during transportation or storage. MAX17320 has the industry's lowest IQ, 85% lower than leading competitive products, and supports longer product shelf life.

Main advantage

Reliable protection: Abnormal voltage, current and temperature conditions can be monitored to ensure the safe charging and discharging of 2 to 4 Li+ battery-powered systems. Internal self-discharge detection provides early warning for the system and cuts off potentially dangerous batteries. With SHA-256 security certification to prevent cloning, each battery provides a unique or dynamic key.

Highest accuracy: Compared with competing products, the battery SOC accuracy of the ModelGaugem5 algorithm is increased by 40%.

Lowest IQ: Supports longer product storage time and running time, and the IQ of the working state is 85% lower than the closest competitive product.


"For many portable Li+ devices, ensuring the safety of consumers is the primary factor." Kevin Anderson, head of Omdia's practice department, said: "Products with multiple battery protections and prevent battery counterfeiting are the designers' proof of the strong safety of their brands. Important sign."

"MaximIntegrated fuel gauge ICs have the industry's highest safety and measurement accuracy." Bakul Damle, director of MaximIntegrated mobile power business unit, said: "MAX17320IC can avoid potential hazards by detecting battery leakage and provide additional safety protection for the system; in addition, IC adopts MaximIntegrated's ModelGaugem5 algorithm provides the industry's highest fuel gauge accuracy for 2-4 cell Li+ battery-powered devices, helping to improve user experience."