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Malaysia's epidemic spreads, passive components stop production.

Published :9/3/2021 7:36:26 AM

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The outbreak in Malaysia has been repeated, and the number of confirmed diagnoses remains high. It has hit a major passive component factory and set off a second wave of shutdowns. Following the second shutdown of the MLCC factory Taiyo Yuden and the aluminum electric leader Jiamei Industrial Malaysia factory, it is a subsidiary of the Yageo Group's Kaimei Group. Wangquan Resistance Factory also broke down for the second time this quarter. September was equivalent to a 20% reduction in production in disguise, which is estimated to impact a 6% revenue deficit in September.

Wang Chuan's Malaysian plant was suspended for the first time in July, but there was still inventory in the same month. The second shutdown was due to 24 employees diagnosed and the production line will be suspended for seven days. Kaimei expects that the two suspensions will have an impact. Revenue from August to September, with the highest impact on revenue in September. Looking at resistor revenue, it’s nearly 10%, which has an impact on Kaimei’s overall revenue by about 6%. Revenue from August to September has suffered successive losses, which may impact the third quarter. Profit.

Kaimei announced on the evening of the 2nd that due to an employee's diagnosis (24 confirmed cases), the health management unit of the Malaysian government requested that work be suspended from the evening shift of September 2 to September 8 for quarantine-related measures, and all employees are subject to the new crown Virus testing, and submit an application for early resumption of work based on the test results.

Kaimei will optimize the output of the mainland plant and reduce the impact on customers. It is expected to affect the monthly output of resistors by about 20%. However, the production capacity of Wangquan Malaysia plant is as high as 60%, and the monthly output of resistors is nearly 20 billion. The production capacity that can be connected to the factory is limited. In addition, even if there is a chance to resume work after 8th, the utilization rate may still be lower than expected. The restarted resistors are sent back to the mainland for testing and packaging, which will delay the production capacity. Kaimei is worried that the epidemic will Impact the operation in the second half of the year.

Wang Chuan's Malaysian plant is not the first company to suspend operations for the second time. The Sarawak plant of MLCC Taiyo Yuden has also been suspended until September 10 due to the diagnosis of its employees. This plant is one of the main production centers of Taiyo Yuden. , Taiyo Yuden has sent a letter to the customer. Part of the shutdown of the production line will impact the product delivery date. The product delivery progress will be notified to the customer individually.

The second stoppage period for the aluminum and electricity leader Jiamei is on September 1. If the epidemic is still out of control afterwards, it is expected to fall into a third stoppage starting on September 6. Due to high electricity prices, material prices and freight costs, Jiamei The price increase has been negotiated with customers, and it is expected that starting next year, new orders will increase by 5-10%.