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Lithography machine giant Asmar will go to South Korea to build a factory, which is expected to be completed in 2025.

Published :5/17/2021 6:16:26 AM

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On May 17, according to South Korean media reports, the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy recently publicly stated that the global lithography machine giant ASML (ASML) plans to build a lithography machine equipment remanufacturing plant and training center in South Korea. It will be completed in 2025.


It is understood that ASML will invest 240 billion won (equivalent to 1.37 billion yuan) in South Korea in the next four years to build a lithography machine equipment remanufacturing plant and training center in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province. The so-called remanufacturing factory refers to the process of refurbishing used products through necessary disassembly, overhaul, and replacement of parts and components.

In short, ASML hopes to build a refurbished plant in South Korea, not a manufacturing plant for brand new lithography machines. However, relevant sources revealed that the remanufactured products are not much different from the new products in terms of performance and quality.

The main role of this ASML lithography machine refurbishment factory is to provide effective assistance for the maintenance and upgrade of EUV lithography machines operating locally in South Korea. At present, only ASML can produce EUV lithography machines in the world, and the annual output is only about 30 units, and the single unit price has reached hundreds of millions of dollars.

From the perspective of EUV holdings, TSMC has acquired 50 EUV lithography machines, and Samsung also has 10 EUV equipment. In addition, in response to this plan, the South Korean side and the Gyeonggi-do government have authorized ASML and provided assistance in expanding its local business. The plan will be completed in 2025 and will employ more than 300 professionals in South Korea.

With the current global semiconductor supply chain structure being broken, South Korea is also actively building a free semiconductor industry chain, increasing the semiconductor R&D tax deduction rate to about 50%, and spending 450 billion US dollars to build the world’s largest chip manufacturing base. ASML's plan to come to South Korea has effectively helped South Korea achieve this goal.

In addition to ASML, Panlin Semiconductor, the largest semiconductor equipment factory in the United States, is also planning to increase investment in South Korea. According to industry reports, Panlin Semiconductor has increased its production targets in South Korea and is looking for a new site for expansion. Capacity.