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Lanxun Technology and the Integrated Circuit development and teaching platform appeared in many industry and education summits

Published :9/28/2022 2:38:57 AM

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Recently, Hangzhou Langxun Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the 2022 Intelligent Vision Industry Summit and the 2022 7th Academic Conference on Supercapacitors and Key Materials.


The theme of the 2022 Intelligent Vision Industry Summit is "Competing in the Present, Looking into the Future, Creating a New Vision of Intelligence", competing in the present, expressing Zhuji's determination to join the competition in the intelligent vision industry; looking at the future, reflecting the future of Zhuji's development of the intelligent vision industry. The summit focuses on the field of visual intelligence industry and builds a one-stop service platform for enterprises, aiming to create a one-stop service that integrates multiple places, policy, finance, leading ecological resources, scientific research empowerment, etc. to continuously empower the development of the industry.


Related exhibitions were held at the same time as the summit, and Langxun Technology built a comprehensive booth on the site that integrates communication, interaction, visiting and experience, and displayed the LK8820 integrated circuit development teaching platform and IC packaging technology virtual simulation training system.


The LK8820 integrated circuit development and teaching platform adopts an intelligent, modular and industrial design as a whole, and closely follows the core skills requirements of electronic information professional groups such as microelectronics technology. It can conduct integrated circuit testing and application circuit design, and cultivate students' understanding of integrated circuits and Application Ability.

Based on the real scene of integrated circuit production, the virtual simulation training system for integrated circuit packaging technology builds a high-reduction virtual production line, including production, equipment, faults, etc., to cultivate students' vocational skills on the basis of process teaching.

Langxun Technology takes advantage of the wind, makes good use of its strategic advantages at all levels, continues to release the "gravitational field" of its own industry-education resources, cracks common key and bottleneck technologies through the integrated development of industry and education, and deeply benchmarks the development needs of integrated circuits between industry and education. , pay attention to the coherence, closed-loop and continuity of the integration of integrated circuit industry and education, help realize the "two-way travel" of the integrated circuit industry and education, and realize a safe, effective, independent and controllable Chinese chip as soon as possible.