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It is rumored that YAGEO will raise prices for large-scale first-line assembly factories, which will take effect on June 1st

Published :5/31/2021 3:03:03 AM

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As the upstream raw material, transportation and labor costs continue to rise, the supply chain revealed that the passive component leader YAGEO has recently reached 90% capacity utilization. In order to reflect the cost, the price increase tentacles extend from distributors and small contract customers to first-line large-scale assembly Among them, chip resistors and tantalum capacitors have increased by about 10% on average, and multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC) have increased by about 1% to 3%. The new prices will take effect on June 1.

In response to related rumors, YAGEO said that it would not comment on the quotation, and emphasized that the operating costs of upstream raw materials, transportation and labor have continued to increase, and will carefully consider sharing the rising costs with customers in a timely manner.

According to industry sources, in the second half of last year, due to strong demand and rising costs, related quotations in the semiconductor industry have risen staggeringly. Passive component companies have relatively conservative price adjustments. However, from the perspective of upstream raw materials, they include copper prices, ceramic substrates, and transportation and labor costs. In the first quarter of this year, the price of distributors was adjusted first, and small contract customers were included in the increase in the second quarter. At that time, chip resistors and MLCC rose by about 10% to 20%. In terms of tantalum capacitors, the second quarter Manganese oxide tantalum capacitors and polymer tantalum capacitors have also gradually increased their quotations, ranging from 10% to 20%.

The supply chain said that in order to reflect the rising cost, YAGEO has adjusted the price of large-scale first-line assembly plants in a comprehensive way. Chip resistors and tantalum capacitors have increased by about 10% on average, and MLCC has increased by about 1% to 3%. The new price will be 6 It came into effect on the 1st.

The industry believes that in the first half of this year, passive component quotations are relatively stable compared to other electronic components, but passive component manufacturers still have to consider the impact of upstream raw materials on the increase in operating costs, and it is "imperative" to adjust product quotations.

Driven by the gradual increase in capacity utilization in the Greater China plant and strong customer demand for orders, YAGEO’s April revenue reached 9.017 billion yuan, a monthly increase of 3.3% and an annual increase of 103.1%, climbing to a nearly 31-month high; revenue for the first four months It was 32.762 billion yuan, an annual increase of 126.6%. The legal person pointed out that YAGEO's MLCC capacity utilization rate in the second quarter could exceed 90%, chip resistance was pulled up to over 80%, and tantalum capacitor production capacity continued to be fully loaded.