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Intel CEO: plans to invest up to 80 billion euros in the next 10 years to increase European chip production capacity.

Published :9/8/2021 10:29:35 AM

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Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger (Pat Gelsinger) stated at the Munich IAA Auto Show on September 7 that Intel may invest up to 80 billion euros (approximately US$94.77 billion) in Europe in the next 10 years to increase its Chip production capacity in the region, and will open the company's semiconductor plant in Ireland to automakers.

Kissinger also said that Intel will announce the location of two major European new chip manufacturing plants before the end of the year. Outsiders speculate that the company is most likely to build two new chip factories in Germany and France, and it is also possible that the new factories will be located in Poland, where it already has business operations.

According to Kissinger, Intel's goal is "total investment of 80 billion euros in the next ten years, which will become a catalyst for the semiconductor industry... and the entire technology industry."

Intel is the world's largest PC and data center processor chip manufacturer. The company said in March this year that it plans to open its chip factory for outsiders to use. Subsequently, Kissinger stated in an interview in April that Intel hopes to start producing chips for automakers within 6 to 9 months to help ease the current pressure of supply shortages, which has caused global car production to be disrupted. It is unclear whether Kissinger’s latest statement means that Intel will achieve this goal.

"Cars are becoming computers with tires. You need us, and we also need you... Our goal is to build an innovation center in Europe, for Europe." Kissinger said.

This "Intel Foundry Services Accelerator" (Intel Foundry Services Accelerator) project aims to help automakers to learn to use the chip manufacturing technology that Intel calls "Intel 16" (Intel 16) to produce chips , Then will switch to its "Intel 3" (Intel 3) and "Intel 18A" (Intel 18A) technology.

These manufacturing processes will be much more advanced than most processes currently used in the automotive industry. Intel said that nearly 100 automakers and major suppliers, including BMW, Volkswagen, Daimler and Bosch Group, have expressed their support for this plan. However, an Intel spokesperson declined to confirm whether any company has promised to become a customer of the program.

Earlier reports had quoted Kissinger’s remarks as saying that Intel hoped that the European Union would commit to providing state assistance for the company’s European investment plan.

Intel sees automakers as a key strategic focus. Kissinger said on Tuesday that Intel believes that by 2030, chips will account for 20% of vehicle costs, a four-fold increase from 4% in 2019.