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Hyundai Motor's US factory chip supply is tight again, and production will be cut by 4 days this week.

Published :8/19/2021 6:44:47 AM

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According to foreign media reports, Hyundai Motor is one of the manufacturers affected by the shortage of automotive chips this year. Many of its factories have previously suspended production to varying degrees due to chip shortages. The factory in the United States stopped production for a week due to chip shortages in June. .


The latest reports from foreign media show that after a one-week suspension of production in June, the supply of chips at Hyundai's US plant is once again tight, and production will be cut this week due to chip shortages.

Hyundai Motor's US plant is located in Alabama, and they only have this vehicle assembly plant in the United States. Judging from foreign media reports, the production of this plant of Hyundai Motor will be cut from Tuesday to Friday to ease the tight supply of chips.

Although production will be reduced, the impact on automobile production is still much smaller than that of the shutdown in June. Hyundai Motor's plant in Alabama, USA, stopped production for a week from June 14th, but this time it only cut output for 4 days, and the plant's production is still going on normally.