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Heavy at the end of the year! Snapdragon 888 redefines the flagship in the 5G era.

Published :12/14/2020 3:01:46 AM

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In 2020, China has become the world's largest 5G smartphone market. According to data from the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, cumulative shipments of 5G mobile phones in China reached 108 million units from January to September this year. The 5G era is accelerating, users are becoming more and more mature, and smart phones are also carrying more and more functions, including mainstream gaming functions, support for shooting higher-resolution videos, and transformative social media experiences. Connect to the cloud through 5G to obtain higher computing power. As the chief "escort" of the performance of 5G smartphones, the 5G chips that follow the market of 5G mobile phones are also constantly "upgrading". At present, the most concerned chip in the Android mobile phone camp is the 5G flagship mobile platform Snapdragon 888 officially released by Qualcomm on December 1.

According to netizens, on the Xiaomi Mi 11 project prototype running score, the single-core performance of the Snapdragon 888 far exceeds that of the Snapdragon 865, which is 100 points higher than the Kirin 9000 single-core running score, and the multi-core running score is nearly 400 points compared to the Snapdragon 865. Advantage. For this powerful mobile platform, the officially released parameters are quite attractive: its AI computing power reaches 26TOPS, ranking first in the mobile chip list; GPU has increased by 35%, ISP processes 2.7 billion pixels per second, and supports 120 frames per second. Frame 12 million pixel video shooting.


5nm process blessing, Snapdragon 888's top 5G mobile experience + AI performance skyrocketed 73%

The newly released Snapdragon 888 integrates the most advanced and best Qualcomm third-generation 5G modem and radio frequency system-Snapdragon X60, which can support millimeter wave aggregation below-6GHz and FDD-TDD carrier aggregation in the frequency band below 5G 6GHz. The maximum download rate can reach 7.5Gbps, and it can also support the global 5G multi-SIM card function. In addition, the Snapdragon 888 platform extends the powerful functions of Wi-Fi 6 to the 6GHz frequency band, providing a multi-gigabit transmission speed of up to 3.6Gpbs. With the advanced 5G+Wi-Fi 6E+Bluetooth 5.2 connection, Snapdragon 888 can provide redefining the top mobile connection experience.


The Snapdragon 888 processor uses a 5nm process, which is currently the most advanced chip process, laying a good foundation for its powerful performance.

The Snapdragon 888 uses an Arm Cortex-X1 super core, three Cortex-A78 performance cores and four Cortex-A55 efficiency cores. Snapdragon 888 is the first commercial CPU subsystem based on Arm Cortex-X1. It supports a clock speed of up to 2.84GHz and can provide breakthrough performance and excellent energy efficiency. In addition to 1 Cortex-X1 core, Qualcomm Kryo 680 CPU also contains 3 A78 performance cores and 4 A55 efficiency cores, the overall performance increase up to 25%.

In addition to excellent connection performance and CPU, the AI performance of Snapdragon 888 has been significantly improved, and AI computing power has soared by 73%. This is because the performance of the scalar accelerator of the Snapdragon 888 chip product has increased by 50%, the computing power of the tensor accelerator has increased by 2 times, and the vector accelerator has expanded support for other data types. On this basis, Qualcomm has also added some additional features, which will eventually enable the product to reach an AI computing power of up to 26 trillion operations per second (26 TOPS). Compared with the Snapdragon 865, the performance per watt of the Snapdragon 888 is increased by 3 times.

In addition, Snapdragon 855 has come up with a killer technology in the support of the 5G chip that is most concerned by consumers for imaging functions. The chip integrates the new Qualcomm Spectra ISP, which can process photos and videos at a speed of 2.7 billion pixels per second. It captures 120 frames per second and each frame is 12 million pixels. It can support concurrent shooting of three cameras, and its processing speed is 35% higher than the previous generation.

Game performance is also one of the most valued performance by users in the current market. Anmeng emphasized that multi-player gaming is one of the focuses of Qualcomm. Nearly 1 billion people in the world are now accessing the game interface through smartphones. Especially now that the world is affected by the epidemic, multi-player games can bring everyone together online. Qualcomm's Snapdragon Elite Gaming cooperates with game developers and game engine developers around the world to ensure that hundreds of millions of players can fully enjoy the excellent mobile gaming experience brought by Snapdragon Elite Gaming, no matter when and where.

Multi-level 5G platform blessing, Qualcomm helps 5G terminals quickly spread globally

It is reported that Snapdragon 888 has been widely supported once it was launched. Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, OnePlus, Realme, Meizu, Nubia, Black Shark, ZTE, Nubia, Lenovo, Asus, LG, Motorola and Sharp will Become the first mobile phone manufacturer equipped with Snapdragon 888. It is believed that in 2021, Snapdragon 888 will become the "standard configuration" of the flagship phone, bringing more users a top mobile terminal experience.


The popularity of 5G is not limited to flagships. At the Qualcomm Snapdragon Technology Summit, Qualcomm President An Meng said that it is expected that in 2021, the global 5G mobile phone users will reach 450 million to 550 million.

Alex Kathuzan, senior vice president and general manager of mobile, computing and infrastructure business of Qualcomm Technologies, emphasized that the forecast of rapid growth of 5G mobile phone users in 2021 is based on the fact that Qualcomm’s 5G products have expanded to multiple levels of Snapdragon. Dragon platform, from Snapdragon 8 series flagship mobile platform to Snapdragon 7 series, 6 series and 4 series. From the perspective of terminal pricing, Qualcomm's 5G solutions empowered terminals across multiple price levels, from around US$250 to US$1,000 or even more than US$1,000. The terminal equipped with the Snapdragon 4 Series 5G platform is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2021, and will greatly promote the popularization of global 5G mobile phones with its high cost performance and more affordable prices.

In addition to launching a multi-level 5G complete solution, Qualcomm is also gradually popularizing top flagship features to more levels of products, so that more consumers can enjoy the top 5G mobile experience. It is reported that many flagship features of the Snapdragon 888 mobile platform will be extended to more levels of mobile platforms within 3 to 9 months, such as the Snapdragon 4 series platform.

Cooperation is the foundation, industries join hands to accelerate 5G transformation in thousands of industries

In terms of importance, 5G is a unified platform and common technology that creates a foundation for other technologies. With the accelerated popularity of 5G, 5G is transforming many industries, and Qualcomm is also cooperating with partners in vertical fields. For example, among the 26 largest automobile brands in the world, more than 20 have cooperated with Qualcomm in the fields of 5G connected cars and digital cockpits. In addition, Qualcomm is fully committed to expanding 5G cooperation to industrial applications, retail, energy, manufacturing and other fields. In addition, Qualcomm began to provide a 5G RAN platform for infrastructure, focusing on building enterprise private networks and promoting the evolution of RAN. In this field, more and more companies are participating and are committed to establishing their own 5G private networks. 5G technology is no longer just for the telecommunications industry, it has great potential to expand to other industries.

 "Looking forward to 2021, we will enter a year of accelerated 5G popularization-5G will accelerate flagship functions and features to enter more levels of mobile phones, accelerate the creation of more mobile terminal innovations and applications, and accelerate the empowerment of mobile technology. Thousands of industries." Qualcomm China Chairman Meng Pu told reporters, "At present, there are more than 700 5G terminals equipped with Snapdragon have been released or are under development, including smart phones, mobile hotspots, XR, robots, 5G PCs. With the in-depth deployment of 5G, 5G applications will surpass the familiar consumer-oriented mobile intelligent terminal field and gradually penetrate into thousands of industries."

With 5G, everything is everything-this is Qualcomm's vision and mission for 5G. As a new generation of wireless communication technology, 5G will benefit more people, more industries, and more cities, and empower the intelligent interconnection of all things. We also look forward to seeing Qualcomm and all its partners in the industry work together to give full play to the "power of technology" and create development opportunities for more people and regions in need through 5G and other cutting-edge technologies, and open up a digital future.