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Happy Spring Festival !

Published :1/21/2022 3:22:44 AM

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Hi, Friends,

Censtry will be closed from Jan 27th to Feb 6th for Spring Festival holiday.

If you have any inquirements or questions during this time, please feel free to email us, and we will do our best to assist when we come back.

I apologize in advance for any inconveniences this may cause, and I look forward to make more business with you in the new year.

Have a safe and cheerful festive season.


Censtry Electronics Co.,Limited

【Spring Festival】

The Spring Festival is the most solemn and grand traditional festival in China.

The Spring Festival has a long history. It evolved from the prayer and sacrifice of the first year of the year in ancient times. It carries a rich historical and cultural heritage in the inheritance and development.

The Chinese New Year activities are centered on offering sacrifices and prayers for the New Year, and are carried out in the form of removing the old and clothing the new, worshiping gods and ancestors, exorcising evil, and praying for a prosperous year.

During the Spring Festival, various Lunar New Year activities are held all over China, and there are differences in the content or details of customs due to different regional cultures.

Chinese New Year has a long history, and some relatively fixed customs have been formed in the inheritance and development, and many of them are still passed down, such as buying New Year's goods, sweeping dust, pasting couplets, eating New Year's Eve dinner, observing the new year, paying New Year's greetings, paying New Year's greetings, dragon and lion dance, worshipping Offering sacrifices to ancestors, praying for blessings and warding off disasters, wandering around the gods, escorting boats, temple fairs, traveling with gongs and drums, vernier flags, lanterns, wine, lanterns, etc.

Traditional festival ceremonies and related customs activities are an important part of festival elements and carry a rich and colorful cultural heritage of festivals.