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GPU chip design company Mu Xi completed an angel round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan.

Published :11/27/2020 3:20:59 AM

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Recently, it was reported that Muxi Integrated Circuit (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Muxi), a GPU chip design company, completed an angel round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan, led by Heli Capital and assisted in its establishment.

Muxi Integrated Circuit was established in September 2020. The core team is from a world-class GPU chip company, with an average of more than 15 years of high-performance GPU chip design experience and rich experience in 5nm tape-out and 7nm chip mass production. The company is committed to the development and production of safe and reliable high-performance GPU chips with independent intellectual property rights, serving data centers, cloud games, artificial intelligence and many other important fields that require high computing power, and filling the gap in the independent control of domestic high-performance GPU chips.

High-performance GPU is the cornerstone of computing power, with a market size of more than 10 billion yuan. High-performance GPUs have powerful parallel computing capabilities and good programmability. They are used in weather and climate, aerospace, marine engineering, marine environment, petroleum exploration, biological information, drug design, electromagnetic simulation, quantum simulation, advanced manufacturing, new materials, New energy, scientific and engineering computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other fields have wide applications.


IDC predicts that China's GPU server market will reach 30 billion yuan in 2023 and about 45 billion yuan in 2024. GPU chips account for about 50% of the cost of GPU servers. It is estimated that the total market size of GPU chips in the Chinese GPU server market in 2025 will be about 27 billion yuan.

The founder of Mu Xi, Chen Weiliang, has a master's degree from the Institute of Microelectronics of Tsinghua University. He has more than 18 years of experience in GPU chip design. He has served as an executive of the world's top GPU chip company and is responsible for the overall design and management of the global general computing GPU product line. Other core members of the team include many fellow scientists, design team leaders, partners and product managers of well-known chip companies, etc. The average industry experience is more than 15 years, and he has accumulated deep in the field of GPU chip design. The team has successfully completed the tape-out and mass production of dozens of advanced process (7nm) GPU chips, accumulated the Know-How of the GPU required by the data center, and mastered the server system design of a large number (tens of thousands) of GPU chips that work normally at the same time And debugging technology.

Muxi intends to use the industry's most advanced 5nm process technology to focus on the research and development of domestic high-performance GPU chips that are fully compatible with CUDA and ROCm ecology to meet the computing needs of HPC, data centers, and AI. Muxi GPU uses an original patent-protected reconfigurable GPU architecture to break through the energy efficiency bottleneck of traditional GPU chips; adopts advanced technologies such as data compression, data broadcasting, and shared hardware acceleration units to greatly optimize the core computing power consumption ratio. The design index is far ahead of competitors' products.

"A team like Mu Xi with complete experience from GPU chip design to mass production is rare in the industry." said Tang Zhihua, a partner of Holly Capital. "In the current economic environment, data centers urgently need domestically produced, self-controllable, high-performance GPUs. To ensure the security of the supply chain and the security of core data and intellectual property rights, server manufacturers and PC manufacturers need domestically made GPU products with high cost performance to obtain broader profit margins. Muxi has independently innovative and reconfigurable GPU technology and will develop complete products Ecological. It is bound to become a strong competitor in the global GPU chip market and a leader in domestically produced independent and controllable high-performance GPU chips."