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Demand from Huawei and Apple drives chip shipments; TSMC and MediaTek’s August revenue hit a record high.

Published :9/14/2020 1:36:53 AM

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On September 10th, the foundry leader TSMC announced on Thursday that it had revenue of 122.878 billion yuan in August. It rushed to deliver goods before the Huawei ban took effect, driving revenue to increase by 16% monthly and 15.8% annually, and then rewrite 6 this year. A new record of monthly revenue written by the month.

TSMC's revenue in the first August was 850.137 billion yuan, an annual increase of 30.7%. Since TSMC will no longer be able to ship Huawei from September 15th, September’s revenue momentum may not be as strong as August’s. According to financial estimates, the legal person estimates that September’s revenue will remain at the level of 100 billion yuan, which is expected to fall Between 1015 and 110 billion yuan.

MediaTek rushes to ship Huawei's monthly revenue of 32.716 billion yuan, a record high

On September 10, MediaTek, a major mobile phone chip manufacturer, announced that its August revenue was 32.716 billion yuan, a monthly increase of 22.57% and an annual increase of 41.98%. The cumulative revenue for the first August was 187.875 billion yuan, an annual increase of 18.89%; Effective in mid-September, MediaTek and the supply chain accelerated production and shipments, driving August revenue to exceed 30 billion yuan, a record high.

According to MediaTek’s financial estimates, calculated at the exchange rate of 1 to 29.2 U.S. dollars to Taiwan dollars, the third-quarter revenue is about 82.5-87.9 billion yuan, an increase of 22-30% quarterly and an annual increase of 23-31%. The cumulative revenue in July and August has reached 59.409 billion yuan. According to the high standard of 87.9 billion yuan, September revenue will decline compared with August.