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Complete the 100% equity acquisition! Wingtech Technology won the largest chip manufacturer in the UK.

Published :8/17/2021 8:27:40 AM

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Wingtech Technology issued an announcement, announcing that the company's wholly-owned subsidiary, Anshi Semiconductor, has completed the acquisition of 100% of the equity of NEPTUNE 6 LIMITED, the parent company of Newport Wafer Fab (hereinafter referred to as "NWF"), the largest chip manufacturer in the UK.

On the evening of July 5 this year, Wingtech Technology issued an announcement, announcing that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Nexperia Semiconductor, has signed a relevant acquisition agreement with NWF parent company NEPTUNE 6 LIMITED and its shareholders. After the completion of this transaction, Anshi Semiconductor will hold 100% equity of NEPTUNE and hold 100% equity of Newport Wafer Fab through NEPTUNE.

According to the latest announcement, Nexperia has received a notice of shareholder equity confirmation from Companies House on August 12th, local time in the UK, confirming that Nexperia holds all the shareholder rights of NEPTUNE 6 LIMITED. As of the date of this announcement, the transfer procedures for this transaction have been completed, and the company indirectly holds 100% equity of the target company.

In other words, Anshi Semiconductor has officially completed the acquisition of "NWF". This also makes the previous rumors about the acquisition self-defeating.

According to data, NEPTUNE’s main asset is the 8-inch wafer fab, Newport Wafer Fab, located in Newport, South Wales. The plant was founded in 1982 and is the only largest semiconductor factory left in the UK.

According to the official website, NWF currently has a monthly production capacity of 32,000 8-inch wafers. The maximum production capacity can be expanded to 44,000 8-inch wafers per month. It is mainly engaged in the manufacture of semiconductor chips with a 0.18μm-0.7μm process. The main products are applications. MOSFET and IGBT chips in the automotive industry, as well as CMOS and analog chips. In addition, NWF also possesses compound semiconductor (mainly SiC and GaN) development capabilities.

At present, Nexperia's own wafer fab does not currently have the production capacity of IGBT chips. Therefore, the successful acquisition of NWF this time will help Anshi Semiconductor to further extend its product line, further enrich the supply capacity of automotive chips, and increase its market share. In addition, NWF's compound semiconductor technology can also strengthen Nexperia's layout in the compound semiconductor field.

Although NWF Semiconductor, which directly acquired NWF, has become a subsidiary of Chinese technology company Wingtech, its headquarters is still in the Netherlands, Europe, and its management team is still the original team. Moreover, as a world-renowned IDM manufacturer of power semiconductors, NWF's business is very compatible with NWF. It can be said that NWF can bring better development prospects to NWF.