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Chip manufacturers said that UMC has increased its 12-inch foundry offer.

Published :1/7/2021 3:31:17 AM

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Lianhua Electronics increased its foundry prices.

According to the news on January 6, in previous reports, there has been a trend of chip foundry quotations extending from 8-inch wafers to 12-inch wafers. The English media mentioned earlier that the world’s largest chip foundry, TSMC, This year, the 12-inch wafer foundry discounts given to major customers will be cancelled, and foundry prices will be increased in disguise.

The latest reports in English media show that UMC, another important chip foundry, has increased its foundry offer for 12-inch wafers. Similar to the chip foundries that have previously considered increasing the foundry quotations of 8-inch wafers, UMC has increased the foundry quotations of 12-inch wafers because of the tight production capacity.

UMC acquired 8-inch wafer fab.

Due to the tight production capacity of 8-inch wafer fabs, it is difficult to meet market demand. Chip foundries such as UMC are considering acquiring idle and mature 8-inch wafer fabs.


Judging from the latest reports in the English media, what the source said is true. The executives of UMC have confirmed that they are seeking to acquire an idle 8-inch wafer fab.

In the report, the UMC executive mentioned by the English media was their current co-president Jian Shanjie. He revealed that UMC is seeking to acquire an idle and mature 8-inch wafer fab.

Seeking to acquire idle 8-inch fabs means that UMC’s 8-inch fabs will further increase. Information on the official website shows that UMC, established in 1980, currently has 19,500 employees. Although UMC is not the most technologically advanced chip foundry, they have 12 chip foundries around the world, with a monthly capacity equivalent to 750,000 8-inch wafers, making it one of the most important chip foundries in the world. UMC’s current chip foundries are mostly 8-inch wafer fabs, with a total of seven, but they also have four 12-inch wafer foundries, and they are also an important manufacturer in terms of 12-inch wafers.