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BOE plans to hold HC Semitek to accelerate the ecological layout of the MLED industry

Published :11/7/2022 9:17:45 AM

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On November 6, BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. (BOE A: 000725; BOE B: 200725) announced that it plans to subscribe HC Semitek Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "HC Semitek") with self-raised funds of no more than 2.1 billion yuan. ) A shares issued to specific targets will become the company's largest shareholder with a 23.08% shareholding after the subscription is completed.

Through this subscription, BOE will realize the efficient integration of MLED business ecology, and effectively consolidate the leading edge of the entire Mini/Micro LED industry chain. As the main enterprise in the display industry chain, BOE will give full play to its leading role in the industry, continue to empower industry and industry chain companies, and accelerate the construction of BOE's "Screen of Things" innovation ecosystem.

In recent years, Mini/Micro LED has become a new type of display technology that has attracted much attention in the industry, with a strong development momentum. Global leading companies are accelerating their deployment in key areas including LED epitaxy/chips, active drive backplanes, and high-speed/mass transfer.

As one of the earliest companies in my country to carry out the research and development of Mini/Micro LED chip technology, HC Semitek has leading advantages in the development and application of forward-looking technologies such as epitaxial growth, chip fine processing and Micro LED.

As early as 2019, BOE and HC Semitek launched strategic cooperation to jointly promote the development and product application of MLED display technology, and help BOE's Mini/Micro LED display products based on active glass substrates achieve ultra-high contrast ratio and ultra-high color reproduction. , ultra-wide color gamut, ultra-high refresh rate and other technical indicators have been improved, and have been implemented in Skyworth Mingli screen Q72 products, bringing major technological breakthroughs to the high-end Mini LED TV terminal market and setting a new industry benchmark.

This time, by holding Huacan Optoelectronics, BOE will further improve the key technologies of LED chips, and synergize with its own active drive and high-speed transfer technologies, so as to stimulate the "1+1>2" integration advantages of the two core technologies of MLED display panels and chips. , so as to establish a complete MLED technology system and ecology, and continue to consolidate and enhance BOE's display industry, especially its leading position in the field of Mini/Micro LED.

Since the comprehensive IoT innovation and transformation, the MLED business has become one of the important development directions of BOE. With the unique COG (glass-based) and active drive technology as the core, it has continued to promote the breakthrough and industrialization of Mini/Micro LED technology. It is the first in the industry to realize the mass production and application of glass-based active Mini LED products, and its technological innovation strength and market application ability have been highly recognized by global customers.

In terms of technological product innovation, BOE MLED has industry technical advantages in extreme image quality performance, unbounded splicing of any size, high-quality display in all scenes, and healthy and low power consumption.

Innovatively launched the 86-inch glass-based active-driven Mini LED product that won the 2022 SID Global Display Industry Award, the P0.9 glass-based Mini LED direct display of the CES 2021 Innovative Display Application Product Award, and the 75-inch 8K Mini LED, 34-inch Mini LED Diversified high-end technology products such as glass-based Mini LED gaming monitors, and extensive cooperation with domestic and foreign first-line brand manufacturers such as Lenovo, HP, Dell, Konka, and Skyworth.

At the same time, the 65-inch OGM Touch product using BOE's self-developed OGM capacitive touch technology was successfully mass-produced and delivered in September. Not only that, BOE has also made important progress in the field of LED transparent display. It has innovatively developed an ultra-high transmittance active-driven MLED transparent display product with a transparency of over 65% and a brightness of over 1000nit, which is at the leading level in the industry.

In addition, BOE is also actively expanding the diversified market application scenarios of MLED, and has laid out MLED technology products and system solutions including commercial exhibition displays, vehicle HUD displays, AR glasses, etc., providing unlimited opportunities for the rapid popularization and development of Mini/Micro LED technology. imagination space.

As a leading IoT innovation enterprise, BOE has always stood at the forefront of technology, adhered to the "Internet of Things on Screen" strategy, and continued to empower more sub-scenarios with leading high-end glass-based new LED display systems and solutions.

Integrate the concept of "Powered by BOE" into BOE's ubiquitous technologies, products and solutions, build an innovative IoT industrial ecology of symbiosis, sharing and co-creation with advantageous resources in the industry, and inject new kinetic energy into industrial development through technological innovation , allowing independent innovation to be more widely integrated into the industrial chain and the development of the digital economy, leading the industry to upgrade its dimensions.