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AXERA released the third-generation intelligent vision chip AX650N, empowering smart life

Published :3/7/2023 8:20:20 AM

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March 6, 2023 - AXERA, an AI visual perception chip research and development and basic computing power platform company, announced the launch of the third generation of SoC chip with high computing power and energy efficiency ratio - AX650N. This is another high-performance intelligent vision chip launched by AXERA after the AX620 and AX630 series.

The AX650N is a SoC chip with high computing power and energy efficiency ratio, which integrates eight-core A55 CPU, 43.2TOPs@INT4 or 10.8TOPs@INT8 NPU with high computing power, supporting 8K@30fps And VPU for H.264 and H.265 encoding and decoding. In terms of interface, the AX650N supports 64bit LPDDR4x, multi-channel MIPI input, gigabit Ethernet, USB, and HDMI 2.0b output, and supports 32 channels 1080p@30fps decode. Powerful performance can enable the AX650N to help users play a greater role in smart cities, smart education, smart manufacturing and other fields.


The AX650N NPU with high computing power ensures that it can be better able to reach the end and edge sides, meeting the computing power requirements of current enterprises for high-performance applications. It is worth mentioning that the high computing power and strong encoding and decoding performance also enable the AX650N to help edge smart accelerator card and edge smart box products produce stronger performance. 64bit LPDDR4x, Gigabit Ethernet, USB, PCIe, and HDMI 2.0b output all enable enterprise customers to plug and play, reducing the cost of technology use.

High-performance+rich interfaces enable the AX650N to play an important role in the field of video conferencing. It has powerful dark image video processing capabilities. Even in low-brightness environments, it can still capture rich light and shadow details, and achieve real-time video ultra-dark image quality and other post-processing photographic image quality in the industry. In addition, the AX650N's intelligent analysis capability in dense scenarios is also first-class, which makes the AX650N naturally suitable for smart cities, smart transportation and other fields, helping the city's owners to achieve real-time monitoring and analysis of multi-channel video, easily meeting customers' core demands of "all-weather" and "visible", and realizing its greater value.

The solid technical performance of AX650N comes from the continuous breakthrough of AXERA in original technology - with self-developed hybrid precision NPU and Aixin Smart Eye ® The two core technologies of AI-ISP are also the first company in the industry to apply them to chip products and realize their commercialization. In the future, AXERA will also continue to work to build the world's leading intelligent vision chip and continue to enable more intelligent scenes.