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An increase of nearly 28%! The price of UMC's 28nm process wafers next year has soared to US$2,300 per wafer.

Published :5/11/2021 1:56:33 AM

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News on May 10 According to industry sources, UMC will raise the foundry price again on July 1. The 28nm process price per wafer is approximately US$1,800, an increase of nearly 13% from the US$1,600 in the second quarter. In addition, industry insiders said that UMC will raise prices again in the first quarter of next year. By then, the price of 28nm process wafers will soar to US$2,300 per piece, an increase of nearly 28% from US$1,800.

In mid-to-late April, it was reported that UMC was negotiating a contract for next year. The company will once again increase the price of foundry by at least one to two percent. In particular, orders for 28nm and 40nm processes will increase by at least 40%. In addition, UMC’s price increase in 2022 will also apply to orders from UMC’s IC design company.



However, UMC declined to comment on reports on its pricing.

The current market situation is "getting the world's wafer production capacity." According to industry insiders, in order to meet the strong demand, MediaTek has been actively striving for UMC's production capacity and pointed out that it has fully accepted UMC's increase notice. However, this move is for many of UMC's 28nm customers. Bringing heavy cost pressure, such as Novatek, Himax and Realtek, etc. who want production capacity, the price cannot be lower than that of MediaTek, or even higher to have a chance.

It is reported that although TSMC, UMC, World Advanced, Power Semiconductor Manufacturing, SMIC, GF and other foundries have all expanded their production in response to strong demand, from the perspective of their planning timeline, chip supply The tight situation will not be relieved until 2023 at the earliest.