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AMD officially accepts European Commission review for its Xilinx acquisition plan

Published :5/29/2021 8:31:41 AM

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On May 28, according to foreign media reports, the chip manufacturer AMD has submitted to the European Commission its plan to acquire the semiconductor company Xilinx (Xilinx) for review. The deadline for review is tentatively set in June this year.

Earlier this month, the UK Competition and Markets Authority began investigating the transaction. The deadline is July 6. The transaction still needs to be approved by the Chinese antitrust agency.

In October last year, AMD agreed to acquire rival Xilinx for $35 billion, and the transaction was approved by shareholders of both parties on April 7. The transaction requires regulatory approval and is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

According to reports, after the completion of the acquisition, Su Zifeng will continue to serve as AMD’s CEO, and Xilinx’s current CEO and president Victor Peng will join AMD as president, responsible for Xilinx’s business and strategic development planning.

On April 7 this year, AMD and Xilinx shareholders have voted to approve AMD's acquisition of Xilinx. However, this transaction still needs regulatory approval.

In addition to undergoing review by the United States and Europe, the transaction also needs to be approved by Chinese and British regulatory agencies. According to reports, earlier this month, the UK Competition and Markets Authority began an investigation into the transaction, and the first phase of the investigation is scheduled to end in July this year.

Xilinx is a programmable logic device manufacturer located in the United States and invented the field programmable logic gate array. At the same time, Xilinx is also the first fabless semiconductor company and the inventor of FPGA, programmable SoC and ACAP , Its highly flexible programmable chip is supported by a series of advanced software and tools, which can promote rapid innovation across industries and multiple technologies, from consumer electronics to automotive to the cloud.