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Affected by the outbreak of the new coronavirus,Samsung, LG Display factory stop work!

Published :3/2/2020 12:53:14 AM

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Samsung electronics co. 's mobile phone factory in kwewei, South Korea, has been shut down for the second time since last Monday after a new case of coronavirus was confirmed, Reuters reported yesterday

A new case of coronary pneumonia was confirmed at samsung electronics' facility in kamei, South Korea, on Feb. 22.In order to prevent the spread of the disease, samsung electronics announced the temporary closure of the factory until 24.Unfortunately, only six days later, a new coronavirus case was confirmed and a temporary shutdown was announced.This is the third confirmed case at samsung's electronic turtle tail factory. Three family members of the employee have also been confirmed infected

When samsung first announced the shutdown, bloomberg reported that the plant's shutdown would affect supply of samsung's Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Fold.A person familiar with the matter said the closure was not expected to have much of an impact on capacity as it was mainly on weekends.

According to some industry experts, it remains to be seen whether the factory can resume work as scheduled on March 3 due to the temporary shutdown announced twice in a short period of time.

Meanwhile, LG Display announced a temporary shutdown at a smartphone screen factory in kwegwei, South Korea, after a bank worker nearby tested positive for the new coronavirus

LG Display said the plant would resume production on March 3, but did not say whether the shutdown would affect shipments of the phone's screens

LG Display, the world's top three Display panel makers, also supplies some of apple's iPhone OLED screens.Engadget, a technology publication, thinks LG Display's customers could also suffer if they do not have enough stock.