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3D XPoint technology, Micron announced the world's fastest SSD

Published :11/6/2019 1:06:18 AM

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Micron recently announced that the world's fastest ssd-micron X100 SSD, 2.5 million times per second reading and writing speed, and more than 9GB/s bandwidth are the industry's highest specifications, is expected to provide samples to customers this season.

Micron points out that the Micron X100 SSD is the first of Micron's product families to specifically target data centers with high storage density and high storage density applications.These solutions will take advantage of 3D XPoint technology and lead storage to a new level of storage through higher capacity storage and persistence than DRAM, and higher durability and performance than NAND.

Micron further noted that the Micron X100 SSD is an industry-leading product that combines high bandwidth, low latency, quality of service (QoS) and high tolerance to deliver industry efficiencies that can disrupt big data applications and data exchange workload.Meguiar's X100 SSD accelerates data center applications by delivering large amounts of data in real time, significantly increasing the speed of data transfer, while maintaining a predictable and fast service for faster data insight.

The Micron X100 SSD offers up to 2.5 million reads and writes per second (IOPS) in highly efficient native storage, more than three times more than today's most competitive SSD products, according to Micron's release.In addition, it has a bandwidth of over 9GB/s in read, write, and mix mode, which is three times faster than today's most competitive NAND products, and also provides consistent read and write latency, which is 11 times shorter than NAND SSD.And improved end-user experience by 2-4 times for various applications with universal data center workload.

Micron also stressed that the Micron X100 SSD features high efficiency and small storage space so that users do not have to over-configure storage space to provide high efficiency.Moreover, thanks to meguiar's X100 SSD support standard NVMe interface, there is no need to change the software to enjoy the full benefits of the product.