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AMD is optimistic that the PC market next year will help increase its market share.

Published :12/2/2020 1:46:13 AM

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Supermicro CEO Su Zifeng pointed out that next year’s PC demand will continue this year’s heat, and is optimistic that the PC market will continue to grow in 2021, and Supermicro has a complete product portfolio, and its market share will continue to increase; Taiwan’s Xiangshuo is a Supermicro PC chip The group’s main foundry will benefit its operations next year as customers are optimistic about the PC market.


Su Zifeng said that the PC market will not decline due to the slowdown of the epidemic. At this stage, everyone needs a computer. PCs have become indispensable. More importantly, Supermicro focuses on the mid-to-high-end market and has complete products. The combination will help Supermicro increase its market share in the long term.

In addition to X570 this year, Xiangshuo has won almost all orders for AMD chipsets, including 400, 500, and 600 series, covering all mainstream markets, and due to the continuous increase in AMD’s market share, Xiangshuo’s revenue performance is also impressive. October revenue reached 5.662 billion yuan, an annual increase of 87.81%, a record high over the same period.

Looking forward to next year, as Supermicro announces that the market is optimistic next year, and the market share continues to increase, Xiangshuo’s OEM chipset shipments will continue to grow, and it will also cooperate in the development of the next generation of products, which will help Xiangshuo in the next three years. Years of operation.

In addition, Taiwan-related IC design companies such as Lianyang have been deeply involved in the PC market, enjoying a high market share in SuperI/O control chips, and supporting Intel (INTC-US) and Supermicro platforms. They can also grow with the PC market.