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It is reported that Samsung's 5nm process has a problem and Qualcomm has turned to TSMC for help.

Published :8/6/2020 6:48:44 AM

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Earlier, it was reported that orders for Snapdragon 875 and X60 had already been spent by TSMC. However, industry insiders pointed out that the foregoing information should be wrong. In fact, the relevant orders were handed to Samsung, but some problems occurred recently, which led to Qualcomm seeking assistance from TSMC. However, TSMC has never commented on customer orders, and Qualcomm has not commented on this news.

Industry insiders mentioned that TSMC’s 5-nanometer process capacity is currently full, and there are some orders for HiSilicon production in the third quarter, most of which are reserved for Apple, and almost all of them are covered by Apple in the fourth quarter. In the first quarter of next year, in addition to Apple, some orders from AMD will begin to be produced.

In addition, industry insiders say that TSMC’s 5nm process capacity should continue to expand.

Qualcomm used to have different products of the same period, which were commissioned by TSMC and Samsung respectively. For example, the flagship processor chip Snapdragon 865 and baseband chip X55 were all produced by TSMC, while Qualcomm’s first 5G system single chip Snapdragon 765 was produced by Samsung. Responsible for production. Regarding the above-mentioned dual-foundry partner strategy, Qualcomm previously stated that based on commercial considerations, it chose to produce by two companies, mainly because it hopes to have enough supplies.