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    BQ24780SRUYR datasheet

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    Power Management Ics

  • RoHS Status: RoHS Status Lead free/RoHS Compliant

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BQ24780SRUYR Product Details

1 Features

• Industrial Innovative Charge Controller With Hybrid Power Boost Mode

– Adapter and Battery Provides Power to System Together for Intel® CPU Turbo Mode

– Ultra-Fast Transient Response of 150 µs to Enter Boost Mode

– Hybrid Power Boost Mode from 4.5- to 24-V System

– Charge 1- to 4-Cell Battery Pack from 4.5- to 24-V Adapter

• High Accuracy Power and Current Monitoring for CPU Throttling

– Comprehensive PROCHOT Profile

– ± 2% Current Monitor Accuracy

– ± 5% System Power Monitor Accuracy (PMON)

• Automatic NMOS Power Source Selection from Adapter or Battery

– ACFET Fast Turn on in 100 µs • Programmable Input Current, Charge Voltage, Charge and Discharge Current Limit

– ±0.4% Charge Voltage (16-mV step)

– ±2% Input Current (128-mA/step)

– ±2% Charge Current (64-mA/step)

– ±2% Discharge Current (512-mA/step)

• High Integration

– Battery LEARN Function

– Battery Present Monitor

– Boost Mode Indicator

– Loop Compensation

– BTST Diode

• Enhanced Safety Features for Overvoltage Protection, Overcurrent Protection, Battery, Inductor, and MOSFET Short-Circuit Protection

• Switching Frequency: 600 kHz, 800 kHz, and 1 MHz

• Realtime System Control on ILIM Pin to Limit Charge and Discharge Current

• 0.65 mA Adapter Standby Quiescent Current for Energy Star

2 Applications

• Notebook, Ultrabook, Detachable, and Tablet PC

• Handheld Terminal

• Industrial and Medical Equipment

• Portable Equipment

3 Description

The bq24780S device is a high-efficiency, synchronous battery charger, offering low component count for space-constrained, multi-chemistry battery charging applications. 

The bq24780S device supports hybrid power boost mode (previously called "turbo boost mode"). It allows battery discharge energy to system when system power demand is temporarily higher than adapter maximum power level. Therefore, adapter does not crash.

The bq24780S device uses two charge pumps to separately drive N-channel MOSFETs (ACFET, RBFET, and BATFET) for automatic system power source selection.

Through SMBus, system power management microcontroller programs input current, charge current, discharge current, and charge voltage DACs with high regulation accuracies.

The bq24780S device monitors adapter current (IADP), battery discharge current (IDCHG), and system power (PMON) for host to throttle back CPU speed or reduce system power when needed.

The bq24780S device charges 1-, 2-, 3-, or 4-series Li+ cells.


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