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C8051F340-GQ Image

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8-bit Microcontrollers - MCU 8051 50 MHz 64 kB 8-bit MCU

C8051F340-GQ PDF
Product Category:
IC Chips
2000 PCS

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C8051F340-GQ Product Details


Analog Peripherals

- 10-Bit ADC (C8051F340/1/2/3/4/5/6/7/A/B only) 

• Up to 200 ksps 

• Built-in analog multiplexer with single-ended and differential mode 

• VREF from external pin, internal reference, or VDD 

• Built-in temperature sensor 

• External conversion start input option

- Two comparators 

- Internal voltage reference (C8051F340/1/2/3/4/5/6/7/A/B only) 

- Brown-out detector and POR Circuitry

USB Function Controller

- USB specification 2.0 compliant 

- Full speed (12 Mbps) or low speed (1.5 Mbps) operation 

- Integrated clock recovery; no external crystal required for full speed or low speed 

- Supports eight flexible endpoints 

- 1 kB USB buffer memory 

- Integrated transceiver; no external resistors required

On-Chip Debug 

- On-chip debug circuitry facilitates full speed, non-intrusive in-system debug (No emulator required) 

- Provides breakpoints, single stepping, inspect/modify memory and registers 

- Superior performance to emulation systems using ICE-chips, target pods, and sockets

Voltage Supply Input: 2.7 to 5.25 V 

- Voltages from 3.6 to 5.25 V supported using On-Chip Voltage Regulator

HIgh Speed 8051 µC Core 

- Pipelined instruction architecture; executes 70% of Instructions in 1 or 2 system clocks 

- 48 MIPS and 25 MIPS versions available. 

- Expanded interrupt handler


- 4352 or 2304 Bytes RAM 

- 64 or 32 kB Flash; In-system programmable in 512-byte sectors 

Digital Peripherals

- 40/25 Port I/O; All 5 V tolerant with high sink current 

- Hardware enhanced SPI™, SMBus™, and one or two enhanced UART serial ports 

- Four general purpose 16-bit counter/timers 

- 16-bit programmable counter array (PCA) with five capture/compare modules 

- External Memory Interface (EMIF)

Clock Sources 

- Internal Oscillator: ±0.25% accuracy with clock recovery enabled. Supports all USB and UART modes 

- External Oscillator: Crystal, RC, C, or clock (1 or 2 Pin modes) 

- Low Frequency (80 kHz) Internal Oscillator 

- Can switch between clock sources on-the-fly


- 48-pin TQFP (C8051F340/1/4/5/8/C) 

- 32-pin LQFP (C8051F342/3/6/7/9/A/B/D) 

- 5x5 mm 32-pin QFN (C8051F342/3/6/7/9/A/B) 

Temperature Range: –40 to +85 °C


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