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SOC America Inc

SOC America Inc

SOC America Inc. has moved! Our new address is 3505 Veterans Memorial Highway, Suite K-1, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, USA. Phone numbers remain the same.
The world has entered an age marked by the wide use of DC power and an increasing expansion of renewable energy in the form of, among others, the solar battery, and as seen with vehicles powered by high voltage batteries. To protect these DC circuits, SOC is utilizing its technical prowess to expand and enhance its product portfolio of DC fuses. 
High Voltage DC Fuses: PT Series, PL Series 
These fuses are committed to the downsizing and weight reduction of devices through dimensional design that conforms to current ratings and reduces the occupied area within the device. 
Adoption examples: PHV/PHEV main circuit (inverter circuit), auxiliary machinery circuit (converter circuit), and more 
Low Current DC Fuse: MCF3 (the first in the world to achieve 28 mA) 
With a width of 1.2 mm, a height of 1.5 mm, and a length of 2.4 mm, the element in mid-air and sealed structural special characteristics of SOC's compact surface mount fuse satisfy the requirements of devices with low power loss and intrinsic safety explosion-proof structural demands. 
Adoption examples: Explosion proof area communications devices, FA circuits, BMS circuits, and more
SOC Corporation is a global fuse manufacturer, dedicated to the research and development of reliable circuit protection devices. SOC responds to the demands of its worldwide customers at the forefront of technological innovation.
For the most part, the basic design including photography of this website has been handled by SOC members of staff. SOC endeavors to promote a system where all tasks are handled internally.

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Integrated Circuits (ICs)