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Oki Semiconductor

Oki Semiconductor

LAPIS Semiconductor (formerly Oki Semiconductor) offers system designers a one-stop, total MCU solution provider a variety of General Purpose Microcontrollers, highly differentiated Application Specific Standard Products (ASSP) and tailored Customer Specific Products (CSP). Oki's Advantage MicrocontrollerTM products are based on the industry-standard ARM? architecture and are supported by the industry's largest array of third party hardware and software development tool suppliers. In January 1881, convinced that the nation was about to enter the age of communications, Kibataro Oki founded Meikosha, the origins of today's OKI.With his enterprising spirit, Kibataro Oki (1848-1906) was far ahead of his time in the late 1800s.Then in 1940 the Oki Communications Equipment Co., Ltd. is Established. To develop core technologies that bolster the "OKI, Network Solutions for a Global Society", the Corporate Research and Development Center and In-house companies involved in info-telecom systems, semiconductors, and printers are taking on numerous research and development challenges. NOW, it has 129 years'old.In the 129 years happened many things.In 1881-1912 it is the Pioneer of Telecommunications Industry,then it became Modern Corporation,and Era of Automatic Exchanges.After 1949,it entrance into New Business Areas.And now it is solutions for a Global Society---"Phoenix 21" Business Plan.

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