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Mospec Semiconductor Corp.

MOSPEC Semiconductor Corp. is founded in 1987. MOSPEC is a publicly traded company listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. MOSPEC is a vertically integrated power semiconductor company. It is technically the most advanced power semiconductor company in Taiwan with extensive product lines. Among its core products are Power Transistors, Schottky Rectifiers, Ultrafast and Fast Recovery Rectifiers, TVS Diodes, and Diodes, and various Surface Mount Devices(SMD). MOSPEC is and has been ISO 14001:2004 certified. Since its inception, MOSPEC has been strong in innovative research and development. Its technical advancement can be evidenced by its ever broader products and services. Its product competitiveness can be witnessed by satisfied customers and a growing return on investment to its share holders. It takes complete dedication and intelligent hard work from MOSPEC employees and management for the success story to be realized. MOSPEC also specializes in silicon materials, i.e. Epitaxial Silicon Wafers and Prime Wafers, and Solar Cells. MOSPEC provides its products in chip or wafer forms, in various packaged types to better service its diverse customers, such as newest SMD packages, as well as traditional axial leads; TO-220. TO-247(3P), TO-3, TO-66 and FULL (ITO-220) packages etc…MOSPEC also provides foundry services in silicon Epitaxial and wafer Fabrication, and packaging services as well. Therefore, MOSPEC is a unique company with abundant technical expertise to satisfy its customers with either a specific need or a complete full service requirement.

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