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Microtune, Inc.

Microtune, Inc. was founded in 1996, headquartered in Plano, TX. Microtune has established key design and sales centers around the world, including Germany, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. Microtune is a receiver solutions company with a portfolio of advanced tuner, demodulator, amplifier, and receiver products that enable the delivery and exchange of information and entertainment (video, voice, or data) across popular consumer electronics devices and automotive entertainment systems. In July 2009, Microtune acquired Auvitek International, Ltd., a supplier of high-performance demodulator ICs. Today more than 80 U.S. patents protect Microtune’s technology and intellectual property. The portfolio of Microtune is made up of silicon tuner and tuner module products. Besides, Microtune also offers a family of demodulators, and with its new line of products based on the MicroCeiver™ architecture, it will also offer news classes of highly integrated receiver front-ends. Microtune's major markets include the digital television, cable television and automotive entertainment markets. Microtune is characterized by the commitment to help OEM and ODM customers achieve a competitive advantage. With leading-edge RF and baseband products and a worldwide applications/engineering support team, Microtune offers customers critical technology and applications support that enables them to design cost-effective applications and devices that deliver market-leading performance and reliability. Microtune's customers are worldwide leaders in the cable equipment, consumer electronics, and automotive entertainment segments. Microtune offers market-proven, customer-hardened products. As part of its commitment to leading-edge technical development and industry growth, Microtune has established its Design Centers for Excellence, which is a fully-equipped lab with sophisticated and specialized equipment and resources. In these on-site labs, Microtune engineers can verify and test ICs and systems to the latest global specifications, protocols, and regulations.

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