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Leadtrend Technology Corporation

The Mission
Energy conservation to protect the Earth

Leadtrend Technology is committed to developing improved products that save energy consumption and protect the earth. Leadtrend Technology is determined in providing reliable and high value-added products, to assist customers in developing more high-end products that use less power and don’t harm the environment.

The Products

 Leadtrend Technology is proud of its leading technology in this field, with almost 80% of contribution of the revenue from PWM IC. Leadtrend Technology continues providing products to meet market demands and values working closely with its customers.

Due to growing and changing standards in power saving technology, Leadtrend Technology aims to develop the most premier IC to save more energy. Presently Leadtrend Technology has developed the“500V High Voltage Start-Up Green Mode PWM Controller”. It is an exclusive IC that is competitive with the global top-tier company.

Leadtrend Technology has won awards from the government for its continuous research and success in developing high-end technology. In addition, there are over a dozen pieces of Leadtrend Technology’s patents filed, to record its advancement and growth in premier technology.

The Vision

“Service, Quality, Innovation, Sharing”: The company is committed to providing excellent solutions and creating products of high performance and high quality, in order to be a major global IC supplier.

Product Category

Integrated Circuits (ICs)