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Emerging Memory & Logic Solutions Inc

EMLSI is a major supplyer of SRAM solutions for mobile applications.EMLSI's SRAM products have been considered as the most robust low power memory solutions and EMLSI has been recognized as one of the most reliable SRAM manufacturers.In addition, EMLSI also provides SRAM products for the entirety of SRAM applications over the world. EMLSI’s main products (SRAM and PSRAM) are designed to be used in mobile devices, which need to be designed to have low-power, high-density and high performance properties. Its technologies have been already gotton the recognition from world-class semiconductor or mobile set makers. EMLSI introduces PSRAM to the market. PSRAM has memory cells of DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) in the core, but operates in 100% SRAM compatible manner, so SRAM is well known as the most easy-to-use semiconductor memory in any system. However,the SRAM technology has a certain limit to increase its memory density mainly because of the cell size requirements applications.EMLSI is now pushing the limits of SDRAM (Synchronous DRAM) for low power applications. With the advent of mobile handset system technology, cellular phones evolve toward a multimedia communication tool embedded with built-in cameras, high quality audio and video functions. And this kind of trend pushes the mobile semiconductor memory solutions toward higher density and higher performance at lower cost. Until now,EMLSI has already introduced 32M bits synchronous DRAM to the market and will develop higher densities with variety of memory configurations and memory organizations.

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