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CET Technology

Established in September 1984, Chino-Excel Technology Co., Ltd. produced PDIP ICs at the very begining.Soon,it rapidly promoted various products such as PLCC, SOP, SOJ, SKINNY, QFP, SSOP, etc. Meanwhile,Chino-Excel improves the quality of the products by importing the automatic equipment.With the fast development of the whole company, another division "High-Power Semi-conductor" was established in 1996.This division mainly self-designes and sells the POWER MOS products such as TO220, TO263, TO252,etc which has already become one of the "High Power Semiconductor" manufacturers in Taiwan for the continuously expanding capacity and productivity. Therefore,nowadays the business of Chino-Excel Technology Co., Ltd. consists of a wide range of fields including IC Design, Chips Extra Work, Packages to Whole Operation Testing and will be promoted worldwide. Chino-Excel sticks to provide high-quality products and perfect sevice to all the customers and the its products are qualified by the International Quality System ISO9002 in 1994, ISO14001 in 1996, QS9000 in 1999 and ISO9001 IN 2003. It pays much attention to all details during production such as the products, the environment, and the materials,etc. It aims to offer sophisticated products to meet the customers' requirements.

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