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BI Technologies

BI Technologies

BI Technologies has been a leader in electronic components for 50 years. BI Technologies Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of TT electronics. Founded in 1987, TT electronics is based in the United Kingdom and is listed on the London Stock Exchange. BI Technologies has established a complete production, sale and service chain with manufacturing facilities on three continents, nine direct sales offices and over 200 representative and distributor offices. The direct offices are located in Fullerton California, Glenrothes Scotland, Paris France, Munich Germany, Milan Italy, Tokyo Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. Through over 50 years of development, BI Technologies has a broad line of products including trimming potentiometers, precision potentiometers, position sensors, turns counting dials, resistor and resistor networks, integrated passive networks, transformers and inductors, hybrid and power hybrid microcircuits, and custom integration of these technologies. The products are widely used in automotive, communications, aerospace and general industrial markets. Furthermore, BI Technologies is in compliance with existing world-wide hazardous material requirements such as the Kyoto Protocol, European Union RoHS, and US EPA regulations. The company offers RoHS compliant versions of most products and the Pb-free product labels are JESD-97 compliant. BI Technologies is dedicated to providing customers with the most up-to-date and cost-effective products.

ng BI Technologies components distributor in the industry.

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Integrated Circuits (ICs)

Discrete Semiconductors