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How to determine the size of the pad and the distance between the two rows of pads during PCB design?

EDA & PCB design
February 23, 2021 by Lindsey 45

I have been confused, knowing that the pad is larger than the lead, but how big is it? I don't know if there is a corresponding standard.

Especially when drawing the package against the data sheet, it feels that the size is ok, but the drawing is ugly

For example, for components with two columns of pins, the distance between the pads of the column generally includes the outer distance of the pin and the inner distance of the pin. At this time, the distance of the pad is difficult to determine.

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Felix Posted on February 23, 2021

The width of the patch pad is generally unchanged, and the length can be increased, 0.2-1mm, and the through-hole pad is only 0.2mm larger than the actual object.

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Jalen Posted on February 23, 2021

This is the case. He has a standard. According to the size of the line you draw, there will be a standard for the size of the hole, and you also need to consider the processing capacity of the factory (some standards are fine, but some factories can’t process them), try to draw some popular ones Lines and holes. As for the standard recommendation, you should look at the video explanation. I found a video when I was painting. He told you how much it is suitable and how big a factory can be processed.

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Chance Posted on February 23, 2021

Set by the volume of the components to be soldered is too small, mil and cm can be selected and converted.

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Heidi Posted on February 23, 2021

Is the distance between the pads more accurate and the size? I usually draw the holes according to the actual device pins. The pads are 1-2mm convenient and quick.


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